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Amsterdam (Wazzup)- The CNN website will from now on only show the Facebook stream and FBI updates on the frontpage. The CNN and FBI archives 2001-2012 will stay online, but with the "speed" of social media these days it's hard to transform news into articles with a certain news freshness.

31 dec 2012

Happy cruisin"

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5 mei 2012 - Amsterdam (Wazzup)-  BED AND BREAKFAST AMSTERDAM WEST, aka B&B BROEDELET, opening at the end of this month will be the new CNN HQ.

B&B Broedelet is run by the founders of the Chopperdome and is host to some of the best custom bikes build by The Chopperdome team during the first decade of this century. The B&B has two guestrooms and is as you might have guessed on the WEST SIDE of town.

Of course there are special deals for cyclists and Chopaderos.

For bookings and more information see the BED AND BREAKFAST AMSTERDAM WEST website.