28 november 2007 -

Amsterdam (Wazzup)- With over 90 votes counted and then lotery tickets put in a bowl. It was time to pick the winner of the Nirve bike. We registered votes starting with the first and last as #93...and the winner is #8, RH.


27 november 2007 -

Amsterdam (Wazzup)- Thanks 2 all for voting and partcipating in the COTY vs BBO 2.0. John Brain for all the work he put into all the introductions, thanks again and now the after the most heared remark..."These bikes are all winners", THIS YEARS HERO and winner of the COTY 2007 and now the COTY vs BBO 2.0, Marcel de Wit.

Marcel de Wit claimed victory on the last day. Last night still pedal to pedal with Bill's bike #1 after a strong campagne the night before, but with the final votes coming in and all counted the lead Marcel had was again substantiel. Just like he had during most of the contest. The bike is this year absolute winner, well deserved. Marcel, you have a Basman frame for next years COTY...

The winner of the Nirve bike will be picked tomorrow by 12.00, so stay tuned.

15 november 2007 -

Amsterdam (Wazzup)- Op het stijlvaste Rat Rod Bikes forum is na het succesvolle RRBBO 1 dit voorjaar de tijd voor inzending van de "finished bikes" foto's voor de RRBBO 2,  deadline 1 december. Hergebruik van een "oud" frame en bijpassend uiterlijk zijn van essentieel belang. In de "building list" staan zo'n tachtig bikes, waarvan nu de eerste klaar zijn.

22 augustus 2007 -

Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- Vote and you might be the lucky winner of a Nirve bike. Pick your favorite SEVEN bikes. ONLY VOTES/SCORELISTS PLACED IN THIS TOPIC WILL COUNT. Vote here please!!


13 augustus 2007 -

Bike #25 

Vicus, Rastabike- I don’t know what the name “Vicus” means exactly, but I think it ought to mean “This bike kicks ass!”

The frame is a combination of various visual elements; the sculpted forward section (nearest the steer tube) reminds me of an old supersonic Concord nosecone; giving it a wicked stance that is impossible to forget! The sense I get from seeing the rear tail section is of a red, white, and black flag, ripped and waving in the wind because of speed! 

This bike appears to be moving even when it’s standing still! The sculpted area where the crank mounts on seems like it might have been designed in a wind tunnel! The pointed forward section ahead of the crank visually pierces the oncoming air! Functionality has not been left behind with this build either!

The rake and trail appears quite reasonable, and goes well with the seat, crank, and pedal positioning!  This radical chopper exhibits some of the best flowing lines and unique frame construction to be seen anywhere!

Many personal and non traditional design elements are built into this bike; it’s the kind of machine that helps reinforce the idea that kustom bicycles are a unique (and vital) form of street art!

13 augustus 2007 -

Bike #24


Vicious circle, AP crew-Take a German “Whitestar” frame, perform a few non-production modifications to set it apart, top it off with good sense about what “add on” custom components should be bolted on, and what you have is a good example of Dutch ingenuity! I’m sure the “Whitestar” frame must have been an interesting challenge for the AP crew to work with, and I’m glad to see that something really personal (and unique) has been created around it!

The first thing that catches your eye on this build is the shortened “Metropolis” springer fork! Many builders would have been hesitant to cut down one of these front ends, but in this case it was a great idea! It really helps instill a classic sense to the lines of this bike!The paint appears to be a subdued metallic blue, and it is very effective on this build! The builders also did a great job preparing the frame, with the welds cherried out to perfection.

The rolling heart of this bike is where we find Rigida rims laced to a Nexus 8 hub, allowing for some fast action when needed! The blue paint on the frame is also carried over to the rims. These blue “Rigidas” have the added touch of displaying the bikes name “Vicious Circle” in chrome letters on the main surface! These fabricators have done a great job with the frame modifications on this bike, and have chosen the components wisely; this bike really stands out from the crowd!

13 augustus 2007 -

Bike #14


Tuschinski: Project 346- I'm a fan of classic cinema! So when I heard that the Amsterdam boys had put together a classic bobber with styling cues from the golden age of cinema, and Deco movie palaces, I took notice immediately! Many of the psychedelic poster artists in the 1960’s gravitated to the design elements from this period, with swirling but ordered hypnotic patterns!

The paint choice on this bike is striking, with its brilliant blue/purple base! The head tube starts with a blast of red/orange and explodes into a crackling torch of complimentary colours, reaching back as if on fire! The brilliant blue/purple takes over at the midpoint of the forward tubes and is in control till we near the rear dropout area, when again the red/orange and the psychedelic pattern of the cream yellow takes over! The movie palace design links and striking patterns make for an excellent fit with the classic lines of this bike!

Not to be outdone are the wheels, which carry over visual elements found on the frame. The rims have been used as a canvas to replicate the individual frames found on a 35mm film! The painter has gone so far as to represent a spinning Die, painted frame by frame, as if filmed at a gambling casino! The number dots of each die slowly moving with each new frame! I bet if you lit these wheels with a strobe light, all those individual dice would look like they were really moving, giving the ultimate in special effects! The bike is ready to take on any road conditions too, with its massive 24x4-1/4 tires front and rear. Lastly, the “bobber” look is complete, with the use of black “ape hanger” handlebars! This is pure Euro kustom, at its artistic best!

13 augustus 2007 -

Bike #22

Lucky 7, Matt 7/32- What I would call a real competition style kustom! “Mooneyes” wheel discs coupled with thoroughbred tank panel styling, is reminiscent of early competition vehicles! The frame itself is fluid and well designed, it has virtually no strait tubing in the main structure!

Another unique feature this bike displays is its horizontal seat post!  The seat itself is of the “gravedigger” variety, meaning it’s fabricated from an actual shovel! This to me is a truly classic design feature!

Rounding out the component base on this machine are wide Rigida rims and Felt “Thick brick” tires! It’s because of bikes like this one that I chose to purchase a set of “Thick Brick” tires myself! I don’t think you can beat the tread design or its profile!  Keeping with its race bred looks the bike utilizes full hydraulic front and rear disc brakes! On the mean streets you need all the help you can get to wind a beast like this down quickly, if circumstances call for it!

All in all this bike is well designed for both looks and performance; it’s a top rate machine in anyone’s book!

13 augustus 2007 -

Bike #9

The Charger, Cadman Frank- This bike is no Dodge, but it kicks ass is just about every kustom bike department there is! The organic “Firebikes” made frame (with its web gusseting) says it is ready to take to the streets and get some action! The paint hue is an almost crimson blood red candy colour! An Absolutely striking choice for a paint finish! Subtle anodizing on the other various components does a great job in unifying the bike visually! The seat too is a standout, giving the bike a hint of nostalgic feel! My bet is this bike is well suited for real road use, and will be good for many thousands of kilometers of dependable travel! Obviously well thought out and functional!

13 augustus 2007 -

Bike #7

Lord of the Rings, Pruisscher- Can a kustom bicycle be a truly unique form of street art, conceived and fabricated so that it sets itself apart visually from other kinds of road machines? Yes it can, and this bike is the proof! Nobody will ever mistake this bike as anything but a true kustom bicycle! Some kustom bicycles look a bit like motorcycles without engines! Well, this bike looks nothing like a motorcycle! It looks like an example of hardcore pedal powered street art! The frame is the core of the bikes success! Visual design of the bike centres around the needs of a pedaling rider, no fake gas tank on this machine! This bike hints at Art Nouveau style, and works both the functionality and beauty in equal measure? This bike is a challenge to the usual thought of how “kustom” should look! This bikes frame could stand alone as a piece of visual art. The bike still keeps standard kustom hints in its overall construction though, from the axle spikes to the triple tree forks! All in all this is one of the most forward and visually successful bikes I have seen in some time!

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