Amsterdam (The Chopperdome)- Leuk als je nooit wat wint en dan ineens win je een Basman 346. Dennis aka Cube kwam de bike zelf ophalen in The Chopperdome, dolblij kunnen we wel zeggen.
7 0kt 2006



Amsterdam (Wazzup)- The BBO 4 on CBN ended like an episode of OCC. The final score was publised and changed almost 48 hours later, nothing to do with doping or fraude, no the counting by computer of the scoresheets seem to have been the problem.

Elections and counting votes, the FBI starts an investigation towards this problem, also faced at the COTY at this years FBI part V where the public part of the votes influenced the score in the TT class in favor of the Dutch builds and hopefully come up with a solution for next years COTY. But still a lot of questions need an answer, like can you judge bikes by photo only or need judges to be present at the showdown?

Of course there is a difference between the COTY and BBO, but both started informal, as reaction on the exclusion of these bicycles by the regular business. The COTY is more like the Oscar for best bike build or bike still around and worth showing in it's class, while the build off is only custom builds done in a set time limit.

But is it? Should a build off be done in a few days with judges present, maybe? As most of the bikes showing on CBN have got more time in there as just a few days, so simular to the COTY this way. Just like the oscars, movies brought to screen just before the competion starts most of the time do better that year, easy...it's new and haven't been seen and discussed by all viewers.



Knowing some other great bikes not making it into the COTY final like Sam's Black Widow and Reno's Revolution or one of the many others. So we let you judge again. We have selected the best five bikes from both competions and added 5 wild cards. Comments and votes, place your favorite #1 and score 15 points, #2 will get 14 points. 

The Chopperdome Project 346 sponsors this Election...win a Basman Classic and vote, enter your top 15 before sunday 24 september 11.00 AM, local Dutch time. The Basman 346 will presented if the winner is European and able to come to BikeMotion at this Dutch bikeshow. If the winner is from the US or Canada the Prize will be presented at Interbike. Otherwise just simply shipped to your home address.


BIKE # 1


We have seen the Black Metal bike by Metalworks brothers Olaf and Elvin from Holland at the FBI/COTY and couldn't find any mistake, very high scored by the judges aswell as the public. All custom parts and great details, together with the other bikes they build over the last 1,5 years on show the deserved "COTY 2006" overall winners. Taking second price in the CC class and before recount winner of the BBO 4.


BIKE # 2


The radical "Quantum Leap" by Sami from SonicBikes, Finland taking first price in the CC class. "Where bicycle meets Art and should be in a museum" as mentioned on one of the scoresheets, but also comments heard like "It's too arty and has nothing to do with a chopper"


BIKE # 3

No, we haven't seen the Vicious bike Carlos Galarza from the USA, aka Solrac the Red, in da flesh, a problem we mentioned before, how to judge just by the pictures send, but looking at the bike it might have been in this years COTY final. We have seen some nice details on this bike looking at the rest of the pictures presented.

Vicious by Carlos


BIKE # 4


The Beast by Make, lives and works in Barcelona, did well in the BBO 4, 3rd prize and claimed first prize in the Atomic class at the COTY 2006. An absolute piece af bicycle art, although maybe not as rideable as the other bikes presented this is a first class showbike with wonderfull paintjob and details.


BIKE # 5

Entry five the "El Bastardo" by Kenny P from the USA, taking fifth place at the BBO 4. As dragracing is a favorite activity by the FBI this is a winner in to us. A bike that will be copied. Would do well in a real build off. Nice detail on the speedometer...666.


BIKE # 6

Another bike called Vicious, by Brent from ChoppaHanee Customs, USA. We notice the clipons again like we saw on a few more bikes this year, but clipons is the way to go this winter as it seems. 7th place in the BBO 4.


BIKE # 7

First wildcard, seen at the FBI the number two seat in the FF class, this bike by Suus Bike shop, Holland with Billet spinners, one of the publics favorites as you can expect.


BIKE # 8


Winner of this year LL class at the COTY 2006, the green trike by Danzel, build by together with his dad Tom, Unity Lowrider, Holland. Rideble old school lowrider as seem during the FBI part V, Danzel raced his trike all over the place. High scoring bike by the jury and public at the COTY 2006.


BIKE # 9

BadAss by Hannan Customs, Canada. Just outside the top 3 in the BBO 4, but a we heard a very rideable bike.

More about this bike >>>>>


BIKE # 10

The Royal 346 by Rhalf and done at the Chopperdome Garage. Lot's of details and attention from the press in the last months. Winner in the FF class at this years COTY.

More about this bike >>>>>>


BIKE # 11


Bones (Holland) showed his bondo skills once more, now on the Tigra bike owned by Ewa. Winner TT class Coty 2006


BIKE # 12


Had a place in the Final at the COTY in the TT class, but missed support from the public. The Scelletto from Andy (Germany), seen on the internet, but now live at the FBI..worth your votes.


BIKE # 13



Owen's bike (UK), although not cruisin" da bike all the way due to technical problem he get a wildcard for this competion. A beauty not spotted by the crowd on the COTY, with sprocket brake.


BIKE # 14

The Toxsin by RHL customs from Canada, winner of the previous BBO 3 now claiming sixth with his new build. This is not just another RHL custom as mentioned by someone.

More about this bike >>>>


BIKE # 15

Latest entry at this election, wildcard, Svente from AllRideStyle (Germany) with his Tiki Bike. Showing Sunday afternoon at the FBI. Great details and paintjob.

More about this bike >>>>>



For bikes entered in this competion, feel free to vote aswell...if you have a better picture, or direct link to more pictures about the bike feel free to post URL at comments and we will add those. We will only post 1 photo p/bike though. Only complete 1-15 votes will be counted. 1 entry p person. Bike owners can vote.


COTY 2006 and BB04

Amsterdam (Wazzup)- Now with this years COTY being part of the FBI 2006 with it's final on july 30th there are two competions going for the end of july. On CBN Bicycle build off part 4 has started with closing day the 30th of july.

Can the US builders reclaim their lost BB title or is maybe the COTY winner also BB King and claim both prestigues prices. Will the COTY winner be Dutch with Finnish, Germans, Belgiums and French competing or will the winner come from Russia, Poland or Latvia. Who's to tell, one thing is sure a lot of building will be done around the galaxy to make it to one of the finals end of july.

May 16 2006

Geschreven door Hq op 2006-08-09 22:07:15

How things can change overnight... :)
[no title]
Geschreven door benlukkie op 2006-08-09 09:41:47

I hate to say it, but the results of BBO 4 were not final, they missed entry of 1 judge..... Black Metal ended up 2nd... No shame in that...
Geschreven door HQ op 2006-08-09 01:06:33

Cogratulations to Olaf and Elvin...winners BBO 4, so we did see the winners at the FBI 2006 More on BBO 4 see CBN 
[no title]
Geschreven door BenLukkie op 2006-05-16 21:54:47

achso, in that way ;)
Geschreven door HQ op 2006-05-16 12:46:38

It's apart, but we noticed that these two elections have the same final/closing date..so we will see a lot of new bikes showing the next months...and you might have a winner taking both prices...ya never know.
[no title]
Geschreven door benlukkie op 2006-05-16 12:18:44

:? I think we should keep those apart, BBO4 has different organisers, different rules, different way of judging.. That's like saying "Whoever wins the worldcup soccer is also winner of the superbowl!" :sigh