4 augustus 2011 - Amsterdam (Wazzup)- In 2006 the Canadian six pack made their first appearance at the FBI and some became regulars at the FBI. Bokma and Scott "419" made this year into a real holiday with a visit to Paris for a nightcruise and running into the finish of the Tour de France, before doing the Born to cruise and enjoying Amsterdam in the weekend at their rented houseboat.
20 juli 2011 - Sacramento (Sacramento press)- About 300 original, custom and vintage bicycle frames and wheels of different sizes could be seen displayed around Fremont Park Sunday afternoon for the Sacramento Cyclefest Bicycle Show 2011. There were 12 categories for judging and 125 bicycles were entered for the chance to win a handmade steel trophy.
17 juli 2011 - Amsterdam (DaFickser)- The Chopaderos Meet and Greet at the FBI will be friday afternoon. Many will meet before at the 3 day Born to cruise tour, but as some can't make it, the official Meet and Greet will be the day after, before the Nightcruise.

FBI Chopaderos Meet and Greet
Where: The Dome
When: Friday july 29th, 16.00
7 juli 2011 -

London (Wazzup)- The FB COTY bikes in competition now with comments by John "The Chopfather" Brain. Just like some years ago with the BBO vs COTY online competition J Brain will comment the entries. Building is good.

27 juni 2011 - Turku (Wazzup) - Pick up at Turku airport was one to remember, Mitja and Ari waiting at the gate. And outside stood Ari's lowrider. Now that's a great pick up from the airport, while being photographed by other arriving passengers we glide into the deserted streets of Turku. Midsummer means for most Fins going to their cottage near the sea or lake...a national holiday, believe it or not but even McDonalds is closed. So hardly any traffic while cruisin to meet up with the rest waiting at one of the eleven restaurant boats.
A evening and night filled with beers in sunshine...it's so easy to loose the track of time when it doesn't get dark.
23 juni 2011 -

San Diego (Wazzup)- The P is back on stage....check out his new band Shake before Us website for tour dates or support on Facebook.

San Diego California, June 19th 2010. The day the earth shook still...

the day 4 friends, Will, Cuz, Jesse and Fonda found they shared a common love for vintage organs, hollow body guitars, Theremins, cool ties and a red sparkle drum kit. Over a couple of drinks, a pack of smokes and a few hand shakes …Shake Before Us is formed.
Their “Get buzzed and turn up the fuzz” attitude has yielded true tales of lost faith, booze, drugs, sin and self doubt. A maniacal mix of organ, guitar, dual howling vocals, deep drums and even deeper bass. They pair the past with the future for a unique sound that is vintage yet modern at the same time.
Bass player Cuz: “You need to have a good song to start with, a riff that just takes off and a vocal melody that can keep up with it. We try to take the listener into a different head space. If we feel a song doesn't have those qualities…we drop it.”
Their live show has been described as ”a dark gospel rock revival where salvation is firmly delivered through a relentless wall of sound. Uplifting, but strangely unnerving at the same time.”

Shake Before Us is a rock and roll band in its purist most primitive form with the devil breathing down their necks… and they wouldn't have it any other way.
22 juni 2011 -

Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- The Taste of Beer experience.

The 3 day Born to cruise tour visits every day a local brewery for the Taste of Beer experience. The first day we will stop at Brewery ‘De Molen’ for an American bitter. You will find a voucher  for a free American bitter in the FBI 10 guide. 
The taste of beer continues on day two at the finish of the cruise. Pick up your unique bottle of  FBI 10 beer. 

Day 3 of the Born the cruise taste a beer experience  has a fuel stop at Brewery ‘t IJ’. And then the welcome back at the DAM beers.... special brew  waiting at the Dome. This brew is brought to you by Brewery  ‘De 7 Deugden’ .


The Taste a Beer experience is supported by:

Brouwerij De Molen Bodegraven~Brouwerij De 3 Ringen Amersfoort~Brouwerij De 7 Deugden Amsterdam


22 april 2011 - Amsterdam (Wazzup)- KTC present at the Bockbeer cruise spring 2011 shot this video. 
13 april 2011 - Amsterdam (Wazzup)- A Basman that we will not see at the COTY in Amsterdam, but certainly a build that we expect will do well in the Facebook COTY.

More about this bike on Chopaderos forum or Facebook.
13 april 2011 -

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