5 januari 2009 -

Breda (CBB)- 21 december was het dan zover, de Serious Request Cruise met als doel het zoveel inzamelen van geld voor het goede doel. Vanaf 12:00 uur verzamelde de bikers zich in het Valkenberg. Vanuit het hele land waren er wel mensen aanwezig om de actie te steunen. In totaal waren er 21 bikers aanwezig die de cruise hebben meegereden en natuurlijk ook zelf een bijdrage hebben gedaan. Om 13:00 uur ging de cruise van start. We zijn uiteindelijk maar een beetje in de buurt van de binnenstad gebleven om onderweg zoveel mogelijk mensen om een donatie te vragen. Verbaasde Bredanaars werden dan ook op diverse plaatsen in de stad om hun bijdrage gevraagd!

Het eindresultaat mag er dan ook zijn! In de twee uur dat we op pad zijn geweest hebben we inclusief onze eigen bijdrage 500 Euro kunnen afgeven bij Giel in het Glazen Huis op de Grote Markt. Ook in België werd er gisteren gecruised, Cruisin for Life in Gent. Uit welvertrouwde bronnen hebben wij vernomen dat onze zuiderburen ook nog eens een 300 Euro hebben opgehaald! Custombikers en het goede doel, dat gaat dus best samen! Ik wil dan ook via deze weg alle aanwezigen nogmaals bedanken voor de support. Een actie waar we zeker volgend jaar weer aan moeten deelnemen dacht ik zo!

Een klein verslag en foto's zijn te bekijken op het forum.....

15 december 2008 -

Amsterdam (Wazzup)- Pictures Wanna be Cruise.

The Nightcruise
Long distance

Wanna be in the Dam III

Meetingpoint: The Chopperdome
Time: afternoon
Start Nightcruise: 19:00
Distance: 50 km
Tempature: cold

1 augustus 2008 -
Click image to read more about the FBI 2008 by John Brain on BikeRod 'n Kustom.
Click image to read article on BrK.
30 juni 2008 -

St Petersburg (wazzup)- Het is gezellig geweest  afgelopen weekend tijdens de KGB I met een kleine vijftig deelnemers. Laten we hopen dat de visa dit jaar geen problemen geven en we deze bikes eens live kunnen zien op de FBI.

22 juni 2008 - Wasaga (Wazzup)- What a weekend! It seemed like "the powers that be" were smiling upon our little Chopaderos Commune! Although the weather forecast was bleak, the clouds parted.......and we rode 30 choppers right up their ass!!!

Friday - Due to unforseen circumstances, Tom & I were running a little behind schedule LOL. Once most of our guests had arrived it was finally time for a few (much needed) beverages. Tom led the first ride out to our local go-cart track where we traded the bikes for carts. We all enjoyed tearing up the track....some had to take a few more laps to prove their go-cart prowess! With a little nudging the owner allowed us to race our bikes on the track, this is absolutely unheard of...thanks Bob! We started Lemans-style and after a mile the winner was Chubb followed closely by Rhalf then Svente. Congrats! We then went for a cruise of the main strip letting the locals know WE'VE ARRIVED! Back to the compound for more refreshments late into the evening.

Saturday - The day began with the news that Nic....is not allowed in our country! Poor UFO was stranded but with his big smile and charming nature (and $200) made his way to the compound. We were all very glad to see him and sorry that he was solo....too bad Nic, we really missed you this year. It wasn't nearly as awesome! We hit the strip once again making our presence known! After checking out the car show we cruised the beaches to our favourite spot for more refreshments and chop-foolery. Later in the evening we held the pixie-bike toss by the river where Svente flung the furthest followed by UFO and Stephane. For the girls, Trish defended her title from last year with Michelle coming in second and Nisi third. Congratulations winners! The night carried on with the appearance of our friend Devaki who firedanced for us under the moonlight, thanks Dev! (UFO - post the video, thanks). We, once again, rode off into the night ending up at the local watering hole. The evening gets a little fuzzy for me here but my understanding is that Popey sang a little tune for an adoring audience.

Sunday - It was a slow start for me as the tequila monster held me close the night before. We woke up to our new favourite travelling companion making breakfast (Trish rocks!). We're so glad to have her as the newest Chopadero and our roommate for FBI, congratulations Trish!! (psst psst) (Tom writing now)The crew headed off to the drag race track. Temperature at track side was hot so we got right at it. The womens race was a 5 abreast mad dash to the end.

Competition was fierce with Doll Face crossing the line first with Trish half a spoke length behind and kitty just behind her. Way to go girls!!! The mens races were done NHRA style with the "FLYING BRIT" (CHUBB) coming first the" CROATION SENSATION" BORIS 2nd and" FAST RIDE MR HYDE"Coming 3rd. Now it was time to dish out the hardware. Cruiser of the year honors went to Chubb . Rennie and Popey tied for second. The draws were next. The first was for the firebike UFO's was the lucky ticket. The next draw was for the custom handle bars UFO won again. The last draw was for a BRAIN SPRINGER kit NEIL was the luckey ticket.
Rennie and I would like to thank everyone for their help. We had such a great time, with such a great bunch of people. I'm always overwhelmed by people's generosity.Sam we missed you this year.Sorry that you couldn't be here but thanks for the Fire bike we raised 400 bucks to be donated to "The ride to conquer cancer"Also Svente ALLRIDE STYLE who supplied parts to finish it off. Boris for that Fireball and brother Scott for that rad front wheel and tire combo. Rhalf from the Chopperdome for a box full of great prises.Those camera glasses are so cool.Chubb use them wisely my friend .Spade also sorry you couldnt make it but thanks for the box of Hammer customs T's and stickers and stuff.(They arrived Saturday morning perfect) The Brain for the springer kit and the ultra rare handle bars that were on UFO's ride before I called the next ticket. Scotty for the Tshirts, cube van,and a lot of help with stuff. Jeff and Mike for selling tickets and manning the support van. Heather who couldnt attend due to her dogs sickness who did our logo. The prez for laying some Chopaderos swag on the bretheren.Bev at Mcfaddins for being a great hostess. Bob at Wasaga 500 for letting us shred up his track on our bikes. Scott and Michelle for getting people and bikes around and always there when you need a hand . Boris who helped me friday with bike stuff. And everyone who came out and made this such a great weekend. So many laughs so many great people.

Report by DaBomb & Menace on Chopaderos forum

Photogallery Wasaga 2008

Reisverslag UFO
9 juni 2008 - Parijs (Wazzup)- After their defeat at the FBI dragrace last year the French are back in training, with only one goal...bring the title to France once more. Raph former FBI dragrace worldranking no. 1 sets his mark on racing again with this "Concour Boardtrack" last weekend in Paris. Back to pure power.
2 mei 2008 - Hengelo (Wazzup)- Dat met de trein niet altijd een goed idee is als je haast hebt bleek op weg naar Hengelo maar weer. Met vertraging aangekomen...dank voor het wachten op station. Daarna zalig gereden met een flinke ploeg. UFO had een goede cruise uitgezet, langs oa. historische punten uit de eerste SWAT Queensday cruise en her en der reeds afspraken gemaakt wat altijd prettig is...dan heb je niet zo'n redeloze serveerster met hulpeloze blik in de ogen als er een uitgehongerde groep het terras opschuift.
6 april 2008 - Bochum (CruiserKing)- Nach eher wüstenartigen Bedingungen im letzten Jahr, hieß es diesmal "Land unter" beim Park and Ride Cruise vom All Ride Style -Team in Bochum. Trotz der anfänglichen Wetterumstände mit Dauerregen bei gefühlten 9 Grad, fanden sich knapp 100 Aktivisten aus England, Holland, Belgien und Deutschland ein, von denen über 80 die gut 15 Kilometer lange Ausfahrt bestritten. Auch waren wieder zahlreiche neue Bike-Kreationen und Umbauten zu bewundern. Diesen Sommer stark im kommen: Die massive 120 mm Rigida! Alles in Allem wieder ein gelungen Treffen mit vielen Enthusiasen der Szene, die sich von ein paar Regentropfen auf ihren chromblizenden Bikes nicht abschrecken lassen...

Erste Fotos gibt es beim Sunkeeper und im TretHarley forum.

Amsterdam (Wazzup)- Bite the dust became bite the mud. Arriving just after the cruise we found a proud, wet and muddy group and bikes that needed some soap and warm water. With just like last year riders from Belgium, Holland, Germany and this year the UK the All Ride Style cruise has become a real international event. Lots of new bikes and parts...check the Basman Rebel with 120 mm custom rim. A must ride once... Pictures online by Jahpix.
19 maart 2008 - Buenos Aires (Wazzup)- Last weekend BA city had his first custom bike competition. Organized by Bicicletas Chopper King, Gandin, and Bicicleteria Paris, the event was a real blast. There were more than a 150 riders and about 80 participants competing for the different cups in categories like the lowest bike, best wheel, best frame, best soundsystem, best illumination, rat rod bike, and the best overall bike. The winner was Martiano from the capital town with his bat mobile. A group of drums, and a rap show completed the party. Check pictures at Chopper Kings.

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