12 november 2007 -

Amsterdam (Wazzup)- About 40 hardcore riders did the wanna be cruise night cruise. Yes was cold, but perfect weather. No wind or rain, just cold and that kept the beers at right tempature. We left the Chopperdome around 7 o'clock for the first of five 10 km stages with four bar stops along the way. The rerun of the FBI nightcruise we did in july, so with last stage trough the forest, maybe a little less dark due to the fallen leaves, but still dark. Video is shot after the first stop, but as battery's went low that's all we have for now....if you have pictures of movies, post comment.

Amsterdam (Cruise council)- To celebrate two years Chopaderos in Europe the "I wanna be in the DAM" cruise. Open to all who wanna cruise.

Two options, with reasonable weather we do a rerun of the FBI nightcruise. Rain...and more rain, we stay in town and do a "Yes, of course I'm thirsty" speedcruise.

WHEN: saturday 15 dec 2007
WHERE: The Chopperdome
TIME: 17.00, departure time cruise depending on option choosen by the cruise council saturdayafternoon.

5 november 2007 -

Amsterdam (Wazzup)- Afgelopen week in Boxtel kwamen we één van de crusaders van het eerste uur tegen, nog altijd lekker aan het rondracen op de onverwoestbare HB low glide. Op zijn website met motoren, tattoo's en bikes, kortom alles wat leuk is, komen we lang gedachte verloren beelden tegen van de eerste Chopp~a~round, toen het het hebben van een mobiel met digitale camera nog niet aan een ieder was. Search foto's Wessels.



6 september 2007 -

IMG_2512.jpg picture by cruiserking_2006

Köln (CruiserKing)- Es ist fünf vor eins, mit geht ordentlich der Stift und wir befinden uns am Deutzer Bahnhof. Reichlich spät - langsam wird es eng und ich beschließe, ein wenig auf die Tube zu drücken, um wenigsten halbwegs pünktlich am Dom zu sein, um die ersten Teilnehmer von IFMA Cruiser Ride Cologne in Empfang zu nehmen. Hoffentlich kommt überhaupt einer?

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6 augustus 2007 -

30 juli 2007 -

Amsterdam (Jexx)- Ok here's the movie I forgot to post the first time. It's a movie off all the bikers passing me when I was filming. There where round 10 bikers in front of me when i started filming. And Basman told me I missed round 30 bikers from Allride Style who started later. 
Start counting the bikers !!!!!

30 juli 2007 -

Amsterdam (Wazzup)- Thanks 2 all who supported the FBI Part VI, helped and all those who came to the DAM to make the Choppernation freaking awsome. CU you next year....

No time to make pictures untill the after cruise, so if you have photogallery's set up post those here....

17 juli 2007 - BIKEFLYER.jpgVenice (Wazzup)- 14 July jl. was er voor de tweede maal de Venice Custom Bicycle Ride & Concert te Venice beach, LA. Met de winnaars was nix mis verleden jaar, dus we zijn dan ook benieuwd naar de winnaars van dit jaar. Hierover hebben we nog geen bevestiging, maar de eerste foto gallery Venice 2007 van Hammer Kustom Bicycles is on line.
16 juli 2007 - Muelheim (MOP)- On Sunday 10/21/2007the Wannabe Cruise of the German "Jawohl" Chapter will take place in Muelheim and Duisburg 
We already tested the tour in spring and it can be done easily in one day (ca. 60-80 km.) 
Meeting is at 10:00 am in Muelheim at the stone ball. It's a sculpture in the pedestrian’s area at the corner of "Schlossstr." and "Kohlenkamp". The Cruise will start at 10:30 am. German president Svente announced that this cruise is compulsory for all German Hangarounds, Prospects and Full Members. Everybody else is invited to join us. 
I believe that this is gonna be a nice day in golden fall with "Beer, Bikes & Booze". 
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Svente or me.

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