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It's time to help a friend. The FBI calls all kustom bicycle friends to make a donation to help Nick at Local Cycles, Long beach New York.

Nick shop and area were hit hard by Sandy and all is gone...help Nick to rebuild his shop !!!!

Make donations by paypal to choppernewsnetwork@gmail.com. Use the gift option for lower costs. Desciption: LBNY SIC support.
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27 juli 2012 - Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- With the lonkeroa this Finnish favourite was first created for the Helsinki Olympic Games in 1952, arriving in the DAM we are ready to party.

We wish all traveling to the FBI a save journey and see you soon. Let the games begin.
26 juni 2012 - Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- First day start of the cruise is in Amersfoort, meetingpoint Amersfoort trainstation.To be there at 12.00 so you don't miss the start make sure to leave in time from Amsterdam central station by train. It takes 35-45 minutes to get to Amersfoort by train and will cost you +/- 15 euro. One way ticket for yourself is 7.70 euro and you need one for your bike which is about the same price.

The train to Amersfoort leaving Amsterdam at 10.06, 10.26, 10.36, 10.56 and 11.06 will get you in time in Amersfoort. Don't all try to get the last train as space for bikes on the train in limited and being a bit early in Amersfoort is not a bad idea as the nearby old centre is worth a visit.
13 mei 2012 - 01 aug - 04 aug 2012, AMSTERDAM


As known the FBI 2012 will be organized by the Dutch chapter of the Chopaderos. The scedule will has various cruisin" options this year. A long distance one the first day, teaming up with the Germans again for the day....ZE GERMNAS ARE COMING. Start in Amersfoort and finish at campsite "Vliegenbos" (Amsterdam-Noord) 

The second day we will follow the route of the famous Chopaderos BOKKENTOCHT Haarlem. Small bars and good assortment of beer and culture will color this day. Not to make things more confusing this day this cruise will be known as the POKERRUN. Why we don't know, but it sounds good.

Day 3...the return of the classic cruise of 2010. We will cruise along the borders of the "IJsselmeer", visit beautifull small towns and enjoy fish and a beer in Volendam beforereturning back to Amsterdam.

FBI saturday, august 4th. Family day with short cruise in Amsterdam Noord, time to relax after 3 days of doing the distance. We will cruise to a small beach area with the possibilty to swim and for the kids joining on this cruise enough space to do what kids like. Last chance to make your selection for this years COTY.  As we will collect the COTY voting cards 2012 this afternoon, so this will be done before we return to the campsite. The COTY prize ceremony will be +/- 17.30 at the campsite. 

After a quick snack or meal the party will start at 19.30 just accross the street from the campsite at cafe "Boemeltje", live music !!


Day 1 01-08-2012


Daytrippin', cruise to Amsterdam  
Start: 12.00  ..... this means you will have to be at the station a little earlier ...
Meetingpoint: Square in front of main trainstation in Amersfoort
Distance: 60-65 km
Finish: Campsite "Het Vliegenbos"

Day 2 02-08-2012
Beer and more beers
Start: 14.00
Meetingpoint: Behind Central station Amsterdam, the ferry area. So it's easy for those staying at the campground, but make sure you cross the water...the meeting point is the ferry area on the city-side !!
Distance: 50 km
Finish: Amsterdam

Day 3 03-08-2012
Volendam, beer and fish
Start: 12.30
Meetingpoint: Campsite "Het Vliegenbos"
Distance: 50 km
Finish: Campsite "Het Vliegenbos"

Day 4 04-08-2012
Family day, Cruise and party
Start: 13.00
Meetingpoint: Campsite "Het Vliegenbos"
Total distance: 20 km
16.00 - Return to campsite
17:30 - COTY prize ceremony
19:30 - FBI Party at cafe "Het Boemeltje"


This year we have COTY ON THE ROAD the INTERACTION SELECTION .So your bicycle have to do a cruise. Everybody gets a coty card with on the backside first, second and third place. And you must fill in the personal name of the person. So you must introduce yourself to the person and ask his name and perhaps something about his bicycle. So there is more interaction between the people, and you have a conversation with a person you never would speak to perhaps. On the Saturday we get your card back and on the end of the day at the Vliegenbos the Chopperdome have some nice things for first, second and third place winners. So everybody is in the COTY and can join the COTY.

5 februari 2012 - Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- As known the FBI 2012 will be organized by the Dutch chapter of the Chopaderos. For now this is what been planned...4 days of cruisin", beers and party. More info about scedule,stops and other need to know things coming soon...stay tuned on CNN.

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