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FBI 2.1 2013   ~LUCKY RIDE 13~
Day 1 Wednesday 31-07-2013
Amsterdam Summertime cruise

We keep it simple this year. The first day the Germans are already in the DAM with all Bros, Sis and friends, so no reason to for an invasion cruise. NO early morning traintrip to get to the start. But simply take the ferry from the campsite and pedal east in the direction of "Nemo/Scheepvaartmuseum" and the nearby  "Oosterkerk" for the first cruise of this years FBI. Distance between the bars is unknown. 

Meetingpoint: Oosterkerk, Wittenburgergracht
Start: We meet at 12.30 and Summertime cruise will start 13.15
Bars: This is not a 12 bars ride, but you can be sure we'll hit some bars, distance unknown. 
Finish at Westerpark. For More Beer.

Day 2 Thursday 01-08-2013
Zaandam Don Quijote Mills Run 

Start from the campsite "Het Vliegenbos". We'll Ride to Zaandam To Fight The Wind Mills And To Have Fun.

Meetingpoint: Campsite "Het Vliegenbos"
Start: 12:00
Distance 50 km
Finish "Het Vliegenbos"

Day 3 Friday 02-08-2013
Night Fever Cruise 

Return of a classic. After the Chopaderos Meet and Greet at Grand cafe Fossa Meet and Greet, 17:00 it's time to cruise into the night.

Meetingpoint: Grand Cafe Fossa, Bos en Lommerplantsoen 10, 1055 SC Amsterdam, 020 6264892
Start Night Fever cruise: 19:30
Distance 50 km
Finish at The Dam

Day 4 Saturday 03-08-2013
Classic Saturday

We cruise to the park "Sloterplas" for qualification round of the DRAGRACES, SLOW RACE and COTY. After the saturday afternoon it's time to party at the finish.

Meetingpoint: campsite "Het Vliegenbos"
Start 13:00 
Distance: L or XL
Finish:  Cafe "het Boemeltje" the finals of the dragrace and COTY Prize Ceremony

This year we have the COTY ON THE ROAD, the INTERACTION SELECTION. Your bicycle will have to be present at a cruise. Everybody gets a COTY card, with on the backside a votingcard for your choice of first, second and third place. You must fill in the name of the person. So you must introduce yourself to the person and ask his name and perhaps something about his bicycle. So there is more interaction between the people, and you have a conversation with a person you never would speak to perhaps. On the Saturday when heading back from the park we get your card back. The COTY prize ceremony will be at Cafe "het Boemeltje". The Chopperdome supports the COTY with prizes for first, second and third place winners. So everybody is in the COTY and can join the COTY.

Happy cruisin"


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