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Amsterdam (FBI HQ)-Going for Gold at the COTY this year?...you better be ready for Bostjan  His story about his Mushroom eater and coming in second at the COTY 2010.
#36 Mushroom eater, Bostjan Slovenia, 631 points, 2nd overall COTY 2010

Mushroom eater, The story by Bostjan

FBI 2008 first visit,first contact with guy called Florent(his bikes/frames are amongst top 3 in last 3 years of COTY. He is the MAN!!!  from France. KBK 2009 Lausanne, bought a frame called Predikateur from Florent.  1 of 2 ever made as I heard, the other one is in Strassbourg. FF class in my opinion, Basman is a TT, but that is another story

And then it was collecting dust for more then a year… Lots of ideas what to build from it but nothing revolutionary. Everything is already built, if not in bicycle world then in motorcycle or car custom world. So I decided to build something to look like chopper from psychedelic 60’s or 70’s.

I found an old tricycle built for handicap person in backyard of somebody who was selling old Yugoslavian “muscle”bicycle. Tricycle was interesting because of differential and old Shimano 3 speed hub.Bought both and knew it will be a trike.

17 augustus 2010 - #21 Basman Ghia,Tom Hermans Belgie, 345 points, FF class winner and 8th overall COTY 2010

"Bij de opbouw van m'n bike ben ik geinspireerd door de race shop karmann ghia dragracer uit de 70's. Ik heb ooit het genoegen gehad om deze na shipping uit de VS uit de container te laden en te aanschouwen in real life. Sinds die dag ben ik totaly in love met deze wagen.
(picture replica)

Ik had voor ik deze bike heb gebouwd al een basman onder handen genomen en voorzien van een riemaandrijving. Toen ik met deze bike aan de slag ging lag het idee al vast. Zoveel mogelijk high performance spul en breed...

De meeste onderdelen lagen al klaar met uitzondering van het zadel en de remleidingen. Ik wilde koste wat het kost een wolf bates zadel maar deze blijken nergens meer te verkrijgen dus dan maar zelf aan de slag en om in de stijl van air cooled vw te blijven heb ik deze dan overtrokken met bekleding van een achterbank van een kever.
De standaard remleidingen vond ik ook niet geweldig dus dan maar op zoek naar staalflexleidingen. Bleek echter dat deze enkel met een andere aansluiting te verkrijgen zijn dan met het gekende "olijfje". Dan maar even zelf koppelstukjes aangepast en zelf dichtingen gemaakt om alles toch te kunnen aansluiten.

Het frame heb ik laten schilderen door Frank's retropainting. Bij deze wil ik hem ook van harte bedanken voor het mooie werk.

Toen ik daags voor de fbi het frame heb ontvangen alles snel in elkaar gezet en klaargemaakt om op zaterdag de trip naar amsterdam aan te vatten.

Vind de bike zelf zeer geslaagd maar een eerste plaats in de ff class had ik niet verwacht. Thanks 4 de votes everybody."
Cheers and hope to see you all next year 
17 augustus 2010 - # 23 Panama, Shure "Rastabike Moscow" Russia, 119 points, 23rd overall COTY 2010

"Hi  to All

I’m Shure, President of  RASTABIKE club, Moscow, Russia. FBI Part IX was my third official eurotrip.

This year, about a week before departure to Amsterdam I’ve realized that I need a brand new bike to feel myself comfortable on tiny Amsterdam roads and paths.

So I went to rastabike workshop and start thinking. Finally I have chosen tandem frame and have made on its base my own exclusive burrito. Bikebuilding took about three days, thanx and respect to my rastabike crew (Bulwinkl, Oduvan &  Prorider, thank you, guys!).

The length of my burrito is 2,60 metres, it’s painted matt black. My burrito is called Panama-time, in honour of my girlfriend’s dream to go to Panama

By the way, my number on Coty registration was 23 and in generall set-off  I am number 23 also, so I’m lucky and pleased with everything."
16 augustus 2010 -

#1 Hell Cat, Allesandro "Plasmacustoms" Italy, 565 points, 3rd overall COTY 2010

Hell Cat la scommessa

"Costruendo la Hell Cat volevo uscire dagli schemi della tipica bicicletta custom realizzando una idea che doveva essere totalmente diversa dalla 20’s queen.

Il primo punto fondamentale da seguire doveva essere l’innovazione strutturale e tecnica della bicicletta.

Per il telaio ho voluto eliminare la forcella costruendo un mozzo anteriore dal pieno da un blocco di alluminio di un kg, creando un sistema di sterzo indiretto tramite un tirante di rinvio, questo sistema mi ha permesso di far continuare il telaio fino al perno della ruota anteriore.

La ruota posteriore monta un cambio nexus a 3 marce e un freno a disco perimetrale con pinza ad olio che ormai è una caratteristica delle biciclette Plasma Custom.

La struttura portante è composta da un reticolo di tubi che rende il telaio più leggero possibile, verniciato poi di un bianco opaco per avere un aspetto racing, la sella è una vecchia Brooks del 1930 modificata e dotata di un ammortizzatore ad olio.

Il telaio ricorda il balzo di un felino con la schiena inarcata da questo il nome Hell Cat.

Hell Cat – The challenge

Building the Hell Cat I wanted to create something atypical with respect to standard custom bicycles, totally different compared with the 20’s Queen.

The most important thing was structural and technical innovation. Building the frame I decided to eliminate the fork, creating a front hub from an aluminum block of 1Kg. So it’s an indirect steering system that allowed me to continue the frame till the pivot of the front wheel.

The back wheel as a 3 speed nexus gear and a perimeter disk oil brake, a distinctive element of Plasma Custom bicycles.

The frame is composed by a grid of tubes that makes it less heavy. It is painted with a white opaque color to give it a racing outlook. The saddle is an old 1930 Brooks, modified and provided with an oil shock absorber.

The frame remembers the jump of a feline with the back curved. For this reason I gave this bike the name Hell Cat.

15 augustus 2010 - Amsterdam (Cruise council)- And the Boozehead trophy for whatever BEST at the FBI 2010 goes to Antti.

The legendary roadtrip from Helsinki to the DAM in 2009 with a memorable moment on friday afternoon when Antti was doing laps on the parking place to get to the 1000 KM point, was followed by another in 2010....the BEST traveller, a well deserved tittle.
15 augustus 2010 - Amsterdam (Wazzup)- The FBI once started as a FBI "club" meeting in 2002 has become a meeting of various groups and clubs over the years. In the early years the "forum groups" dominated, but  nowadays "real" clubs from all over the place meet up at the FBI.  All with their own specific colors and patches. Check out the photo gallery for more info and links.
15 augustus 2010 - Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- We asked most of you who took part at the COTY to send in the story about yourself and the bike you build. If not done yet or we missed you when we spread the word here is your change...send in your story about the bike you entered at the COTY 2010 and we will place it for you on CNN. 
15 augustus 2010 -

# 19 Monster Munch, William "Builder Brothers France" 727 points, 1st Place COTY 2010

"The Monster Munch was realized with a basman frame as donor. In April 2007, I bought a Basman frame, which I totally cleaned of it's paint. The works had begun well, but I had a serious bike accident in May.

The project was put aside for almost 1 year. Once recovered, I started the construction again and I made some changes to the original plan.I realized that I had difficulties in riding it correctly due to the accident I had the year before.

So I had a look at an electric hub to make the bike easier to ride. I am now completely recovered, but I admit that cruisin the electric way is so great.

About the finish of the bike, I am a maniac. It is necessary to say that I am a coachbuilder and model maker at the same time, that helps .

First of all, I decreased it of 5 cms to be as low as possible. The fork comes from Metropolis that I transformed. The back hub is Shimano Alfine. The engine is one 37V from Velectris. All electric cables, durit and speed pass are put inside the frame and are 'invisible'. The frontlight has been changed to LED. For the color, it is "Arancio Borréalis" of Lamborgini.
I chose this color especially, I wanted to pay tribute to a disappeared buddy for whom I had made a bike of the same color,
so when I drive, he's with me.
For 10 years of the FBI Choppernation, I will see if I can make a small nice project... "

Best regards

William, Builder Brothers France

14 augustus 2010 - # 6 BE LOW, Bert van Lieshout Netherlands 188 points, 21st at the COTY 2010

"Bij het bouwen van deze fiets heb ik me laten inspireren door de Dyno Roadster. Het is pas de tweede fiets die ik zelf heb gemaakt.
Het mooiste vindt ik zoveel mogelijk zelf te maken, ik ga volgend jaar daarom ook weer flink mijn best doen zodat ik weer aanwezig kan zijn op de COTY"

Groeten Bert Cycling Idiots Alkmaar

9 augustus 2010 - Moscow (FBI HQ)- Rastabike back home in Moscow.

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