FBI IX Program 2010


Registration for FBI:
WEDNESDAY at the start of the "German Invasion" or the FBI frontdesk at the Chopperdome 346 between 12:00 and 17:30
THURSDAY at the FBI frontdesk at the Chopperdome 346 between 12:00 and 17:30
FRIDAY at the start of the "Folkore cruise"
SATURDAY FBI Frontdesk at the COTY

 28 july 2010

"German Invasion" cruise
Team up with the Germans on their way to the DAM, do you first 50 KM in style. Enter the DAM on a bike.

  • First possible leg for your FBI 100 experience. Get your FBI 100 tourcard at the start of the cruise and have it stamped half way at one of the stops. If you do two out of the three 50 KM cruises (wednesday-friday) you will get your FBI 100 patch. Other option is to have your tourcard stamped at both the partycruise and aftercruise for another 50 km in total in combination with one of the 50 KM cruises to get your FBI 100 patch. For those who already done a FBI 100 we will have the FBI 200 pin.

Meetingpoint: Central station Utrecht, exit "Jaarbeurs". There is a bike big square....you can't miss us.
Trains from Amsterdam Central Station to meetingpoint run every half hour and take about 40 min.

FBI front desk: For your FBI 100 tourcard and goodies (5 euro) go to the Mobile FBI frontdesk and pick up your card.
Time: 11:00
Departure cruise: 12:00
Cruise distance: 50 km
Finish: Classified

"Cruise wars" game
Always fun....Chopaderos against the rest of the world. Bring your waterpistol of super waterblaster and join the ultimate shoot out.
Meetingpoint: The Chopperdome 346

Time: 20:00

DAY 2  29 july 2010

"FBI Nightcruise" cruise
After warming up, the second 50 km cruise option for your FBI 100 patch. The FBI nightcruise ...cruise into the night and back tot the DAM along theAmstel river, bring a light...
Meetingpoint: Westergasterras-Westerpark
Time: 18:00
Departure cruise: 19:00
Cruise distance: 50 km
Finish: The DAM

DAY 3 30 july 2010

This will be easy for those who done the first two days....time for some Dutch tradition's. New route at the FBI !!!!!!
Meetingpoint: Camping 't Vliegenbos
Time: 12:00
Departure cruise: 13:00
Cruise distance: 55 km
Finish: Camping 't Vliegenbos

DAY 4 31 july 2010

Your ultimate showday with COTY and partycruise.
"COTY 2010"
Best cruiser of the year competition.
Where: Machinegebouw-Westerpark
When: 11:00-18:00

"FBI Partycruise" cruise
The Partycruise, the DAM saturdaynight cruise
When: 20:00
Meetingpoint: Machinegebouw-Westerpark

"FBI PARTY" party
Music and drinks.
When: 22:30
Where: at the partycruise finish
Till:when we go finnish

"COTY Price Winners TIme"
When: 23:15
Where: at the partycruise finish

01 august 2010

"The After Cruise" cruise
 to New Dragrace location
The day after the night before cruise

Meetingpoint: The Chopperdome
Time: 12:00
Departure cruise: 13:00

"FBI Dragrace 2010" game
Speed, speed and speed
Meetingpoint: Classified, part of the aftercruise.
Time: 15:30

"FBI Speed Cruise" cruise
DAM Speedcruise, for last beers and goodbye. The real aftercruise ..... follow the fastest of this years dragrace for as long as you can...
Meetingpoint: DAM square for the start and if you get lost.
Time: 20:30

Or see you next year at the FBI 2011