FBI 2011 Build to Cruise Program

Monday 25 july 2011

  • The day before

12:00-18:00 Spoke/tour card and tour guide pick up at THE DOME for those who registered and paid in advance. You can also already drop off your bags and tents.

Last minute camping tour booking: If you haven't registered or paid in advance and want to take part in the Born to Cruise camping  tour go to the FBI frontdesk at THE DOME. For the hotel tour you are too late to book now, get a FBI spokecard follow the tour and find a place to sleep yourself. 

For those who want to use the nearby cheap 3 day enclosed car parking we arranged, this is the time to come by and park your car as Tuesday morning the tour starts early.

Born to Cruise tour 2011

Travel as group or find your own way on this FBI Born to cruise tour 2011. A 3 day tour around Holland with start and finish in Amsterdam. The Born to Cruise tour replaces the FBI 100 cruises of 2009 and 2010.

• If you take part in this 3 day Born to cruise tour you will receive a detailed route map/information. This “guide” will contain various options for a drink or food stop or other points of interest. Cruise along with others or find your own way.
• How to take part: Fill out the application on CNN website/FBI 2011-Build to cruise and make payment.
• Includes unique “guide”, your taste of beer vouchers and ready to go spoke-tour card for the whole 5 day event.
• No payment, no reservation. Order at the FBI ticket shop.
• Campsite or hotel reservations will be made for you, so no long line at the desk once you arrive at the finish. The tour includes campsite/hotel reservations for day 1 and day 2. Campsite and hotel are located close to each other. Day 3 the finish will be at the Dome.

• Bring your own tent and bike as tent or bike are NOT included in the tour. Transport for tents and bags will be arranged and is part of the package. Bags will be labeled with color tags for campsite or hotel. Once you arrive you bags and tents will be waiting for you.
• Campsite tour 3 days/2 nights 75 euro p/p.  
Hotel tour 3 days/2 nights 135 euro p/p, based on 2 p/room
• The tour is 3 days, but every finish/start is planned so there is a train station with connection to Amsterdam close by for those joining the tour for a day.

FBI games

Cruise wars, Mini bike time race, Bike toss etc

Enjoy the DAM

Feel the DAM, cruise the DAM. Enjoy a day in Amsterdam among friends.

FBI Night cruise

FBI classic. Your FBI experience isn’t complete without this one,
cruise into the night. A 50 KM cruise with 4 bar stops strategy.


Cruiser of the Year competition. Back to the roots on this 10th FBI with the COTY on the historical "Bikes behind the Dikes" location.

Party cruise

The classic you can't afford to miss, cruisin" the DAM. Make sure to be on time for this one as the finish will be at the FBI Party with band and dj's

FBI Dragrace

The fastest 8 qualifiers will make it into this years FBI dragrace finals. The timed qualification runs and finals will be held at the AdR Dragstrip.

  • Regular FBI spoke cards for those joining us just for the day or taking part in Nightcruise, Partycruise or COTY will be 10 euro p/p
  • Taking part in the FBI is at your own responsibilty. Bring a lock for your bike and watch your personal belongings.
  • Make sure your bike is in a good condition if taking part in a cruise or tour.
  • FBI location THE DOME. THE DOME is the old Chopperdome shop on the Admiraal de Ruyterweg 346. The new  Chopperdome shop is just accross the street on # 329. The Chopperdome will be open during the FBI.
  • The FBI frontdesk will be at THE DOME. The FBI frontdesk will be open on monday for the Born to cruise tour, Friday afternoon and Saturday during the COTY.
  • The COTY will be at the DOME, so NOT in the Westerpark.
Tuesday 26 july 2011
  • FBI Born to cruise tour 2011 day 1

Amsterdam-Reeuwijk  60 km
09:00-10:00 Spoke/tour card pick up, bags and tents drop off at THE DOME.
10:00-11:00 Departure from THE DOME. 
10:45-11:15 Departure FBI sweep team and car(s)
15:00-19:00 Finish: Campsite/hotel Reeuwijk

  • Options for evening program
19:30 FBI Meet and Greet Dinner
21:30 FBI games

Roadmap Born to cruise tour

Wednesday 27 july 2011
  • FBI Born to cruise tour 2011 day 2 

Reeuwijk-Amersfoort  65 km

Meeting point: AC Restaurant Bodegraven. The AC restaurant is +/- 2 km from the trainstation with connection to Utrecht and Amsterdam.
10:15-10:30 Departure Reeuwijk
15:30-17:00 Finish: Classified location

  • evening program

17:00-19:00 Born to cruise Throphy time at classified location.

Thursday 28 july 2011
  • FBI Born to cruise tour 2011 day 3 

Amersfoort- Amsterdam 60 km
Meeting point: On the square in front of the "Onze lieve vrouwen" tower, Amersfoort centre.This is pretty close to the trainstation for those who want to join us for the final day.
10:30-10:45 Departure Amersfoort
16:00-19:00 Finish: THE DOME Amsterdam

Friday 29 july 2011

  • FBI Nightcruise 2011

13:00-18.00 The FBI frontdesk is open, get your spokecard or enter the COTY
16:00-18:00 Night cruise pre party, Chopaderos Meet and Greet and other Club related things

19:00 Departure FBI 50 km Night cruise, start at THE DOME, Finish at The DAM ETA 02:00-03:00

Saturday 30 july 2011

  • FBI saturday 2011
11.00-12.00 Last minute registration for the COTY at the FBI frontdesk
12:00-18:00 COTY at THE DOME

14:30-17:00 FBI Drag race qualification run
17:15-17:45 FBI Dragrace finals

15:00-17:00 Photo shoots

20:00-21:00 Cali Style Party cruise
21:00-03:00 Party with DJ/bands
23:00-23:30 COTY prize ceremony