20 november 2011 -

Cedric Lasseur (France)- "Dyketracker, hints at future trends and possibilities. Aspects of appearance and function combine to make a beautiful and positive statement. This machine seeks answers about what the future of biking is going to be.  Enjoy its message, and view it as a change in attitude – it is a stepping stone to greater possibilities."
John Brian

31 oktober 2011 -

Mike Spinelli (Philadelphia)- The bike was inspired by seeing an old skool trike in The Born Losers, the 1967 movie that introduced the world to the Billy Jack character.

The build started with a lowrider stretch cruiser frame in which I removed the back end.

I sketched out the rear end trike assembly and sent it to an engineer who put it on his CAD and welded up the assembly.  I had the assembly welded locally and added the 2 reinforcing flat steel bars.  The ½” thick hubs and 5/8” axles were also built by a guy who did similar work for a member of Atomic Zombie.  Tires are 245/55/16 Bridgeton motorcycle with American Racing Torque Thrust 'D' 16X8s in a 5X4.75 Chevy bolt pattern.  Front wheel is from Husky Bikes with a Sturmey drum brake.  Seat is vintage Wrights from England.  Apes are custom built by BR Bars out of 1.25” steel.  I added the bolo cord leather-wrapped grips that are threaded thru the bar ends.  Bars and fork were painted with Steel-It stainless steel spray coating.  Shifter started out as the standard Sturmey OCC chopper stick shift, in which I cut off the top portion and welded the bottom slotted portion to a piece of aluminum stock which I bent and drilled out.  Shift knob is Shrunken Head.  Gearing is a Sturmey 3 speed trike gearbox.  Paint is candy purple powdercoat.

28 oktober 2011 -

Nick Lalli (LBNY, USA)-

"This machine displays some of the most challenging new design work seen in years; extraordinary, because it is also coupled with uncompromising detail and quality. It takes a lot of guts to go beyond conventional design work, and into the uncharted waters of the experimental. 

It also takes a special type of character to make it come together successfully.  Take a close look; because bikes like this don’t come along very often, and this one you definitely don’t want to miss."
John Brain

27 oktober 2011 -

Maxim Gozin (St Petersburg, Russia)- Hi,my name is Maxim, I'm from St. Petersburg, Russia.The workshop name's MaxXtreme.

This year I built this bike and I named it The power of the Knight, like a symbol of courage and heroism.The Knight’s Cross is the order, which recognized extreme battlefield bravery or successful leadership. The cross of St. George established in the Russian Empire it was granted to non-commissioned officers, soldiers and sailors for their military heroism.

26 oktober 2011 -

Underground Velo (Ca,USA) - A little bike i call "The Bully", A Cruiser, A Muscle Bike and a Board Tracker. It's not a full on custom ground up scratch build like the rest of the bikes in this great contest, but its my style, I started with a circa 1940 Elgin Twin bar frame with the original paint. I added a early 2000 Girvin Vector fork for some front end brute force. it has Dual Shimano disc brakes off of an early muscle bike, circa 1970's? 

I also used a 5 speed freewheel and a direct mount French DNB rear derailleur. Shifting is done by a Shimano Positron shifter. Screamer Suicide Brakes. Homemade handle bars with vintage Schwinn Grips. Vintage Glitter seat and custom sissy bar. Sun Rims and 24x3 tires. The paint on the frame is original all the rest was matched by me.

The Suicide brakes are a converted Screamer brake and shifter levercombo. the brakes work like this. The right is the rear(formally a 5 sp shifter) and has detents. It can be used as a drag brake and locked into position. The front was the original brake lever and was rerouted to be used a a front brake. with the brake levers and shift levers on the center of the twin bar it frees up my bars.

I made some homemade bars with "0" sweep so i could drop them down into board track/attack mode. The seat can be moved for and aft 4-6 inches. The post can be raised from slammed to 8 inches. The sissy bar is attached with wing nuts and still has two positions.

Its a great tight bike. I got 5 speeds to get get going and dual disc brakes to slow me down. I got any seat and handlebar position i want, Muscle bike, Cruiser, Board Track what more could i do to this little bike. A word of caution on suicide brakes. They will send you over the bars, check out my broken elbow caused by them. Undergroundvelo, bringing bad ideas to life.

25 oktober 2011 - Rob Lalonde (Canada) - This is a custom one off chopper named DXM (Deus X Machina) built by Robert Lalonde of RHLKUSTOMS located in Canada that features many unique little details, some obvious and some not so obvious(the more you look at it the more you notice the special little details.... unfortunately, these pictures truly do not do this bike justice!) One of the focal points of the the bike is the symmetrical pedal assembly with a centered front sprocket and chain line that leads to a three speed Nexus hub. Another chain connects to a jack shaft assembly that allows a third chain to propel the 330mm wide billet aluminum rear tire/wheel.

There's actually two types of brake system worked into this machine, a coaster brake in the three speed hub operated by the pedals and a disc brake system incorporated on the right side of the jack shaft assembly that is activated by a hand lever panel that is molded into the top portion of the frame. Another neat feature is the coil over shock suspension seat that provides a smooth ride for cruising. The ultra smooth, sleek and curvy "wishbone" frame design has a real substantial look to it due to the 1 3/4" diameter tubing. The front extremity of the frame features two neat finger activated machined red anodized aluminum LED head lights.

This bike has over 300+ hrs of work in it.
20 oktober 2011 -

Atze (Berlin, Germany)-

20 oktober 2011 -

Gendarev Dmitry (Moscow,Russia)-
Rastabike club entry at the COTY 2011 Amsterdam.

20 oktober 2011 -

Vovka Che (Ukraine)-

20 oktober 2011 -

Nastya Che (Ukraine)-

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