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17 september 2008 -
(FBI HQ)- After their visit at the FBI part VII Rastabike Moscow created a weblog about the FBI 2008. Lots of pictures and video's...as there is hardly moving images of the last years Dragraces, the Rastabikes FBI dragrace 2008 files are great to fun watch...see all the action, with more or less all the races and classic SIC moves.
9 augustus 2008 - Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- Last years Champ out raced all again and became the second FBI Dragracer to take the crown back-2-back. For FBI dragrace and IBMA mini bike action check CNN FBI.tv

We will publish rest of the results later....

The FBI Dragrace Final 2008 
Photo: Last years Champ Mischa beats the Russian Champ who didn't cross the finishline due to a crash.
12 juli 2008 -
(Wazzup)- The Thick brick popularity hit's it all time high with this minibike with 12" thick brick look-a-likes, grip in the narrow corners at the track are no question. The IBMA racing is sceduled for the FBI saturday, check program for details. 
More about this mini bike.
9 juni 2008 - Parijs (Wazzup)- After their defeat at the FBI dragrace last year the French are back in training, with only one goal...bring the title to France once more. Raph former FBI dragrace worldranking no. 1 sets his mark on racing again with this "Concour Boardtrack" last weekend in Paris. Back to pure power.
9 juni 2008 - Amsterdam (Wazzup)- The mini bikes are back !!! The IBMA will organize the second IMBA championships during this years FBI.
2 juni 2008 - Alkmaar (Wazzup)- FBI komt dichterbij en voorbereidingen gaan in hoger tempo, cycling industries alkmaar is in iedergeval klaar voor de dragrace....nu nog even wat test starts.