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13 juni 2010 - Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- With already some great builders listed for this years COTY. Is Allesandro up for a second win? Something no one achieved in the nine years of the COTY. The HellCat looks spectacular ...... or will Sam "Firebikes" McKay for the first time take the glory accross the ocean and become the first non european to claim victory.

... brings back memories of last year saturday , after the COTY a cruise with 300+, the max.

Photo's by John Brain
14 augustus 2009 -
Veenendaal (Wazzup)- Besides the glory winning the COTY this year the FBI had some nice prizes to give away thanks to our sponsors. The top prize took a few weeks as Coen Visser (V Corps) had to sit down and do his thing. Coen made the drawing of the winning bike for this year winner.

Amsterdam (Wazzup)- This year's COTY winner came from Italy. Alessandro from Plasma custom tells the story about his bike in his own words...

"I've built this bike during the past winter, taking into account the design of the Harley of the 1920s. I've designed radial disc brakes...something similar to the Buell motorcycles.

Within the false fuel tank I've put an Mp3 player. I've found the front light last year in a flea market in Brussels and I've put a LED light within it. The rear light has been made in brass and there is a LED within, too.

The seat is hand made, with aluminiun and leather and a shock absorber. The gear level is like a black skull.

On the fork there is an hidden botton to switch on an off the front light. While creating a new bike, I always like to put something old and something innovative. I also like putting something in brass and some leather details, to which I usually pay particular attention."

Photo: Harley Davidson as inspiration for the 20's Queen.
13 augustus 2009 - Amsterdam (Wazzup)- The TT class was won by Jacob from Sweden. A very nice custom Basman. The story about this bike in his own words...

"Nearly two years ago I bought an Electracruiser and almost immediately I started thinking about what changes I could make. I realized that just by taking some parts off and replacingthem with other ones, I could create something completely different.

While hunting for the parts I wanted I soon discovered that there were alot more bikes out there and many like-minded people as well. Didn't take me very long  to end up at ChopperNewsNetwork.com and the Chopperdome. I talked my friend Christian into taking a roadtrip to Amsterdam for this bike-happening summer 2008... We had no place to stay, no plan but we had our bikes! We fell, head over heels. It was a great experience, with great people from all over, it was such an awesome gathering to be a part of. Even before this I had seen the Bassman 346 bike, but when I saw it in action at F.B.I 2008 I decided that I had to make my first serious build with a Basman.

Instantly I knew I needed 100 mm rims and monster Duro 4 1/4 tires. It was mainly the rounded shape along the back-wheel that inspired me to follow that line and to let it continue into a seat. The paint-job,the pin-striping and the wooden-parts were ideas that formed during thecreative process and of course some pieces I came up with were the results of running into problems. 

I was fashionably late and got everything together in the last minute. When we arrived to Amsterdam I got alot of positive respond to my Basman, but I never even imagined to win 2nd place in the COTY and to win in TT class. Also, I never thought my bike would roll through both night- and beachcruise, but it did! I'm truly grateful and most of all it has inspired me to continue building more beautiful bikes.

By the way, for next year I'm building a firebike.. "
3 augustus 2009 - Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- The final COTY 2009 results.

 Pos. Class Name Name bike From  Bike # Total
1 CC Alessandro 20 s Queen Italy 01 946
2 TT Jaco Pederasen Dream Sweden 06 878
3 DD Chris Mr Hot Treesome Switserland      21 780
4 DD Make Scorpio Spain 22 766
5 CC Andre Meekel Ice Storm Netherlands 24 671
6 CC Crusty Angel Poland 09 668
7 DD Sam "Daddy'O" Scarled Deuce Belgium 27 599
8 FF Popey Popey s ride England 39 526
9 CC Steven Langewouters     Plywood Netherlands 28 473
10 TT Carlitos Chrome Beauty       Slovenia 31 438
11 TT Borstjan Specijalka Slovenia 13 436
12 TT E One Mokum Netherlands 20 402
13 CC Mikael Heikkila Blacksheep Finland 29 382
14 CC Kamilos Virtual Bike 2 Poland 10 380
15 CC Sari Sinkkonen Nirvex Minx Finland 25 349
16 CC Chris de Vos Dubbel Trubbel Netherlands 04 315
17 CC Bert van Lieshout TOP Netherlands 17 252
18 TT Tina Pride Slovenia 40 233
19 CC Xenia Vikus Russia 36 207
20 TT Jan Basman EBike Netherlands 42 190
21 CC Antoine Goudrand Oval Bike France 34 189
22 CC Rein Hazelzet Ace s Industries Netherlands 08 181
23 CC Petro While Slavery Russia 37 157
24 CC Hardcore chopper L eclume France 35 150
25 CC Toni Lemberg 1.0 version Finland 33 149
26 TT Goerk Brainbandit Germany 32 140
27 TT Mudfoot Felt custom Netherlands 12 91
28 TT Shure Chert Russia 38 75
29 CC Mies Prototype Netherlands 19 67
30 TT Lehan Dragonfly . 43 66
31 CC Antti Hovi Traveller Finland 26 46
32 CC Wouter 1.70 strike bike Netherlands 41 44
33 TT Mikhail Musicmachine Russia 49 30

3 augustus 2009 - Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- Alessandro, Plasma Custom from Italy wins the COTY 2009. Second place was claimed by Jacob from Sweden. The third prize went to Chris "Hot Bike" from Switserland.

Alessandro and his "20s Queen" arriving at COTY.
23 juli 2009 - France (Wazzup)- We have seen the future and the future is orange.

Antoine Goudrand enters the Oval in this years COTY as number 34.

Bikes with just that extra curve, see also Bert's entry at #17...


(FBI HQ)- Glory Glory...back in the ALLEY. As said we better keep location classified till last moment, but would be less fun to follow. The MOJO gang didn't get the needed permits for their RAW expansion in the park and the COTY is where it should be...IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PARK  ... the 2005-2006 location: The Alley with COTY in "Machinegebouw", bar and movie support from the next door art moviehouse 't Ketelhuis. Check FBI locations for more details.

FBI 2009 Supported by:
15 juni 2009 - Amsterdam (Wazzup)- In the early years of the FBI the COTY was held in december, not being part of the FBI meeting end of july. The COTY was known as "bikes behind the dikes" in those days and dominated by the Dutch entries. In 2005 the first international entries showed at the last "bikes behind the dikes" december COTY, but didn't make it into the top 3. This all changed in 2006 when the COTY was added to the FBI meeting. The modern international COTY came alive at this first FBI-COTY with Sami taking home the crown to Finland.
8 juni 2009 - Amsterdam (COTY HQ)- Two years ago the first wooden bike by Dennis showed at the COTY.

This year Steven enters Plywood in the competition.....

Plywood...Woodies Return.
18 mei 2009 - Alkmaar (Wazzup)- Stefan werkt in een Italiaans restaurant en doet dit jaar voor het eerst mee aan de COTY...thema Italie en ijs.

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COTY 2009 registered

# Name Bike Class Country
1 Alessandro 20's Queen CC Italy
2 Kaos The Ska CC UK
3 Basman 33 - CC Nederland
4 Chris de Vos Dubbel Trubbel CC Nederland
5 Blade - CC UK
6 Jaco Pederasen Dreams CC Sweden
7 UFO Chopaderos support FF Nederland
8 Rein Hazelzet Ace's Industries CC Nederland
9 Crusty Angel CC/LL Poland
10 Kamilos Virtual Bike 2 CC Poland
11 Regz Blue Lady CC New Zealand
12 Mudfoot Felt custom classic TT Nederland
13 Bostjan  Specijalka TT Slovenie
14 Jeroen van de Wier The Mad Caddy TT Nederland
15 Thunderis Tim Cop Dragster CC Nederland
16 Jaka Katabrank 09 CC Slovenie
17 Bert van Lieshout TOP CC Nederland
18 Ronald van Beest General Lee CC Nederland
19 Mies The Machine CC Nederland
20 E One Mokum TT Nederland
21 Chris "Hot Bike" Treesome CC Switserland
22 Make  Scorpio CC Spain
23 Stefan Hartog Gelato Lowrider TT Nederland
24 Andre Meekel Ice Storm CC Nederland
25 Ari Sinkkonen Nirvex-Minx TT Finland
26 Antti Hovi - CC Finland
27 Daddy'O Scarled Deuce FF/DD Belgie
28 Steven Langewouters Plywood CC Nederland
29 Mikael Heikkila Blacksheep CC Finland
30 Master Willy 3G PrimeTime TT Nederland
31 Carlitos Chrome beauty TT Slovenia
32 Goerk Brainbandit TT Germany
33 Toni Lembrug 1.0 Version CC Finland
34 Antoine Goudrand Oval bike CC France
35 Hardcore Chopper Phat stretch TT France

Reservation   I want to reserve place at COTY 2009
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COTY 2009

The COTY 2009

For those who wanna enter..

  1. This years COTY will take just one day. Saturday during the day will be the competition and after the partycruise the organisation will announce this years COTY winners. 
  2. There will be a special indoor area for show bikes in competion. This area can host 40 bikes, but you can also have a look outside for best bike not the showarea.
  3. Pre-enter the competition: Send us information about your bike and yourself and we will reserve a spot for you. So if you wanna be sure and have an indoor spot send us an email or register. To enter the competion at the FBI: the FBI frontdesk will be open wednesday-friday at the Chopperdome. Or saturday morning at the entrance of the COTY area between 10.00 and 11.00 for those who want to make a really last minute entry.
  4. If you loose your numbered COTY spokecard, your problem.
  5. The FBI frontdesk will advice you the class to enter for the COTY. The spokecard will not show the class you entered.
  6. The voting starts at 11.00 on saturday till 19.00 hours. We hope to have all votes counted an hour later and present the winners the medals and prices they deserve after the Partycruise.
  7. The Jury:  In case of a dispute, the Jury rules...The COTY 2009 Jury will have three members.


Competition THE CLASSES

  1. The CC class...own build or designed customs frames and build up with custom parts. The most prestigues class to win.
  2. The TT class...tuned production frames/bikes. Have you tuned your Nirve, Electra, Project 346, Felt, Schwinn or other production bike this is your class. Heavy competion and brought us some nice bikes over the years. 
  3. The FF class...tuned bought custom bicycle frames like HB, Firebikes, Jakz, RHL, No name customs etc etc. No further introduction needed, a class for those into design.

Also prizes for best tandem/trike (DD class), lowrider (LL Class) and best paintjob.