18 december 2011 - AmsterDAM (FBI HQ)- First of all, thanks to all for entering your bike in this Facebook edition of the COTY 2011 and to those who took the time to take a look at the bikes and vote. Special thanks to John Brain for the comments written about the bikes.
And now for the big moment....the winner of the Facebook COTY edition 2011 is Steffen Bartels, Germany. Winner at the COTY in Amsterdam earlier this year and now adding an extra crown to the work. Karbar is truly the 2011 bike of the year. Steffen Bartels scored 6.18% of the points.
Staying just ahead of the runner up Ted Florez from the USA (CA) with El Rey who gathered 5.96% of the points. Chuck Bradford also from the USA (CA) with My Basman scoring 5.45% of all points takes 3rd place. The Top 5 is completed with the Minx trike by Nick and his Metal and Ink crew from Spain and Cedric, France and his Dyketracker, both scoring 5.16% of the points. 

"This machine is truly one of a kind." (JB) "“El Rey” is one of the best examples of progressive bike design that I have seen in a quite a while, and I can say that without hesitation." (JB) "Quality components, gearing and a -take no prisoners- attitude in demanding the best, makes this bike one of the top contenders of 2011." (JB) 
"I think most people would agree that if we looked for the best in what 3 wheeled design had to offer, then “Minx” would gratify the desire." (JB)

"Dyketracker, hints at future trends and possibilities. Aspects of appearance and function combine to make a beautiful and positive statement. Enjoy its message, and view it as a change in attitude – it is a stepping stone to greater possibilities." (JB)

Merry Choppin and Happy Cruisin
5 oktober 2011 -

Jurgen Kuipers (NL)- The story of Sawyer

Sawyer is a bike project that started under the Californian sun. By seeing the beach-cruiser at Huntington LA I got inpired to build a bike myself. A custom bike that looks cool. With the experience of biking (BMX) and bikes in general I started drawing a nicely shaped geometry.

I made a model out of foamboard to figure out the construction it had to get. The model was scaled to definitive size. I used plywood as the main material. Simple plywood straight from the building market.

After some measuring-work I put 220 on the jigsaw. It took some time and experiments to solve problems, for example the chainline and a solid bracket. The solution for the chainline give’s the bike a very characteristic look. The first model (DaLowa) has a rough look. Mounted with heavy profiled tires it’s more like a ratbike. Sawyer is a translation of the first model in a nicer shaped way. The concept is still the same. I used some other materials like beech plywood instead of maranti. Also the mounted parts have a better and more esthetic quality.

Jurgen Kuipers

30 augustus 2011 - FBI city street cruise at the Chopper dome in Amsterdam, 3D photo (anaglyph)Amsterdam (Wazzup)- Get your 3D glasses and experience the FBI in 3D.
Pictures by Stereomania.
30 augustus 2011 - Hamburg (Wazzup)- The FBI 2011 photoshoot by Jahpix. 
15 augustus 2011 - Moscow (Rastabike)- Prepare yourself for K.G.B. is coming and it wants your bike!

RASTABIKE club invites all kustomizers and those who love kustom bikes to visit “Kustom Groove Bikes” in Moscow on 24th of september.

“Kustom Groove Bikes” the main kustom kulture oriented event in Russia and its proud host Rastabike club welcome everyone to the fifth installment of the biggest and baddest kustom event on 1/9th of the Earth surface. Best russian and uk...ranian bike builders slave their time away in the workshops during the season to present fruits of their labor on K.G.B. for the attendees to pick the best bike in three categories (Full Kustom, Tunning and People's Choice) and for everyone's viewing pleasure.

This year K.G.B. will be held in the very center of Moscow with spectacular kustom bike showdown, contest with Electra bike for the lucky winner, music & party, and an Evening cruise around Moscow's most scenic locations with the last man standing option for those with insatiable lust for cruising and iron butt.

With all questions concerning invitations and accomodation, please, write on
pressa [add] rastabike.com


14 augustus 2011 - Veenendaal (Wazzup)- New short movie about the Born to cruise 2011.
9 augustus 2011 -

Nieuwe Meer (Wazzup)- After speaking with Stephan Roche, his driver during the Tour de France for a day Pottz listened well. To win you need to be faster as the guy in yellow jersey.

4 augustus 2011 - Amsterdam (Wazzup)- In 2006 the Canadian six pack made their first appearance at the FBI and some became regulars at the FBI. Bokma and Scott "419" made this year into a real holiday with a visit to Paris for a nightcruise and running into the finish of the Tour de France, before doing the Born to cruise and enjoying Amsterdam in the weekend at their rented houseboat.
3 augustus 2011 - Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- Loads of pictures have been uploaded so far...we gathered the links as much as possible and made a day by day posting on Facebook. Feel  free to add links to your FBI 2011 photopages or videos.

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