FBI part 4

18 augustus 2005 -

Gilze (Wazzup)- Deze week (34) in Aktueel een verslag van de FBI 2005. En we kunnen zeggen dat het een echt artikel is geworden, mooie sfeerschets.
18 aug 2005

2 augustus 2005 -

Amsterdam (FBI)- Several photogallery's are poppin" up already. So check the slideshows on the CIA site, surf to Streetfighter or check the Cruiserking weblog. If you have a slideshow going about the FBI 2005 place a link in the FBI lounge.
2 aug 2005


Amsterdam (FBI)- After checking the photofinish pictures of some of the very close races, the FBI Dragrace jury will take the title in the BON class from König Bert as during one of the series König B. came of his line as can been seen on this picture. Rule 3 of the book, so disqualifiction, set back to last place, making Joshua as loosing finalist the Dragrace King 2005 in the BON class. The scandal meanwhile continues as now came to light that the dopingsamples of the BON final strangely got lost, giving more thought about the rumors about doping been taken in this prestigues class by several riders.
2 aug 2005

Amsterdam (Bild)- Das war ein skandal.
2 aug 2005

More and more pics can be found, check the FBI agents and offices for more classified material as can be found on Supercharged, Basman or at from the photographer of the Bonanzaboys.

Shots from the HQ.
3 aug 2005


1 augustus 2005 -

Amsterdam (FBI)- What more can we say....
31 juli 2005


28 juli 2005 -

Amsterdam (FBI)- The pre FBI beachcruise is done....back at the base for a beer and wine.
28 juli 2005