FBI part 6

13 november 2007 -

Amsterdam (Wazzup)- Toch nog een video van de FBI Partycruise 2007, hadden er al een paar gezien, maar kunnen er toch nog geen genoeg van krijgen.


FBI 2007 - Cruising of the Choppernation Part VI

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6 september 2007 - New York (SIC)- Found a t shirt for cruise wars 2008...
14 augustus 2007 -

Amsterdam (Wazzup)- Stilled missed some pictures...the moments of glory.

Cadman Frank, 1st price FF class.

6 augustus 2007 -

Amsterdam (Cruise council)- Slowly getting back to work after the best FBI ever. The wednesday cruise wars became an easy victory for the Chopaderos, Dutch chopaderos wih Canadian back up cleaned the hood.

Thursday, the Chopaderos Germany arrived at the DAM.

Their 200+ km roadtrip, filmed by CruiserKing started tuesday. The Jawohleros who made this trip can add their first star. Weldone !! Hardly time to drop gear and needed repairs the group saddled again to join the FBI Nightcruise.

Photo: Alley Cat winner being brought forward, more pictures by

The nightcruise replace the Chopaderos preparty in the FBI scedule for this year, but with four sceduled barstops during the 45+ km nightcruise the FBI saw a lot of vests. The P. and First lady joined their first semi longdistance due to sharp travel scedule at the first stop at the nightcruise.

Nightcruise and other great Chopaderos moments.

Friday more German glory as Hotte speedcruised to the FBI Alley Cat title on the Westergasterras. The new location, another point of the list why this the best FBI ever. Beer ....f**k, I'm Rhalfed.... and friends at any table you walked by.

Saturday the Dutch Chopaderos helped by setting up the showground for the COTY and at the gate, thanks dudes, for a great show and having some time to enjoy the FBI. The start of partycruise was missed by some.
Doping, what else...the tour de france just finished and their are always doggy bags after a big meal. 

Speaking about doping, the Germans aren't still clean and German.TV has stopped all reports about the FBI Keep a close eye on CruiserKing.tv as only independent cruiser source in Germany. The T-Basti equipe has to report. 

Photo: Scott and the P. at the partycruise

Sunday...time for more beer. After the prices were given for the COTY by DaFickser and jury prices were presented by Fonda, cruisin back the showbikes to the Dome, it was time for the After cruise. More beer and kisses for the Belgium-, Finnish-, English-, French-, US-, Canadian- and Spannish chapters and friends that night...and monday, tuesday and wednesd..pfff, time to relax and sit down with a beer :) 

(DaFickser)- Europe's youngest prospect is from France, the 8 year old did the FBI partycruise, respect, big smile on her face, new blood, the future.

Amsterdam (DaFickser)- Thanks brothers and sisters for helping the CD team when needed to make this FBI again one to remember. 

Amsterdam (DaFickser)- Full FBI Part VI report see CNN.

4 augustus 2007 -

Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- The King is dead long live the new king. Staying in the scedule after his minimal defeat in the first round leg to Nicolay on the lucky looser wildcard, Sacha (NL) then hammered his way into the final beating Manuel (Ger).

2 augustus 2007 -

Breda (DaHuge)- Dragrace from back in da day's, the first official FBI dragrace, FBI Part II.

2 augustus 2007 -


Doping or no doping ? You decide.....

As a result of obvious drug-use during the mini-bike race at the FBI, the BBC has decided to stop doing reports on the 2007 championship.  

(Cybicle)- As it says on the IMBA racing-licence ; all riders must be prepared to use any kind of doping. The first FBI mini-bike race was supposed to be a clean one but look at this guy...
2 augustus 2007 -

Groningen (Cybicle)-Marcel de Wit may be the big winner of the COTY election, but he did cause big problems within the IMBA association by driving an illegal racing-bike. 

2 augustus 2007 -

Amsterdam (Wazzup)- Still waiting for the official dopingtests results ....

1 augustus 2007 -

Groningen (Wazzup)- Marcel took first price with his design at the COTY 2007. The bike was made by Marcel and Reno at Cybicle and is the deserved winner.

Photo: Marcel, the applause and the first price, a Nu Vinci hub.

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