4 oktober 2011 -

New York (Wazzup)- Wild Style is a 1983 hip hop film produced by Charlie Ahearn. Released theatrically in 1983 by First Run Features and later re-released for home video by Rhino Home Video, it is regarded as the first hip hop motion picture.

The film featured seminal figures within the given period, such as Fab Five Freddy, Lee Quinones, Pink, the Rock Steady Crew, The Cold Crush Brothers, Sandra Fabara and Grandmaster Flash. The protagonist "Zoro" is played by the legendary New York graffiti artist "Lee" George Quinones.

An early version of the 'Wild Style' logo appeared in 1981 when Charlie Ahearn hired graffiti legend Dondi to paint the 'window down' subway car piece that appears in the film. The Dondi piece was the inspiration for the animated title sequence designed by the artist Zephyr in 1982. The 'Wild Style' logo was designed by Zephyr and painted as a 'burner' mural by Zephyr, Revolt, and Sharp in 1983.
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14 augustus 2011 -

Kamen (Anni Hilations Arms Music)- After being the singer of the magnificent Ropey Shags (later Chaos Kitten) for 7 years, I finally decided to make a change. I equipped myself with a guitar and started playing. That was in October 2010. Since then I’ve written 12 songs – and it doesn’t seem to wanna stop. So here I am now. Armed. With my voice and good conscience.

Because what I do now comes from my heart. No limits, no compromises anymore. And if it’s slow, then hell, yeah, it’s just f'n slow! And if it seems to sound all the same or too simple for one of them disguised experts, it’s just my fuckin’ cup o’tea, right? It’s just what’s bubbling up from the inside. All by itself. Why stop it? Restrict it? Love’s for pussies? Disgust and spitting for punks? Yeah, and I’m still workin’ it out my way! This way. So, what’s up? Wanna join anyway? You’re - really - more than welcome!

23 juni 2011 -

San Diego (Wazzup)- The P is back on stage....check out his new band Shake before Us website for tour dates or support on Facebook.

San Diego California, June 19th 2010. The day the earth shook still...

the day 4 friends, Will, Cuz, Jesse and Fonda found they shared a common love for vintage organs, hollow body guitars, Theremins, cool ties and a red sparkle drum kit. Over a couple of drinks, a pack of smokes and a few hand shakes …Shake Before Us is formed.
Their “Get buzzed and turn up the fuzz” attitude has yielded true tales of lost faith, booze, drugs, sin and self doubt. A maniacal mix of organ, guitar, dual howling vocals, deep drums and even deeper bass. They pair the past with the future for a unique sound that is vintage yet modern at the same time.
Bass player Cuz: “You need to have a good song to start with, a riff that just takes off and a vocal melody that can keep up with it. We try to take the listener into a different head space. If we feel a song doesn't have those qualities…we drop it.”
Their live show has been described as ”a dark gospel rock revival where salvation is firmly delivered through a relentless wall of sound. Uplifting, but strangely unnerving at the same time.”

Shake Before Us is a rock and roll band in its purist most primitive form with the devil breathing down their necks… and they wouldn't have it any other way.
1 januari 2011 -

4 mei 2003 - WE FUNK RADIO- WEFUNK is a weekly radio mix-show, hosted and produced for more than a decade by Montreal DJs Professor Groove and DJ Static. Since our first show in 1996 we've been selecting only the best in hip hop, funk & soul — from old to new, classics, rare gems, new releases and more. Tune in any time and experience hip hop's roots and future along with the rich legacy of funk, soul and jazz..

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