TT class winner

13 augustus 2009 - Amsterdam (Wazzup)- The TT class was won by Jacob from Sweden. A very nice custom Basman. The story about this bike in his own words...

"Nearly two years ago I bought an Electracruiser and almost immediately I started thinking about what changes I could make. I realized that just by taking some parts off and replacingthem with other ones, I could create something completely different.

While hunting for the parts I wanted I soon discovered that there were alot more bikes out there and many like-minded people as well. Didn't take me very long  to end up at and the Chopperdome. I talked my friend Christian into taking a roadtrip to Amsterdam for this bike-happening summer 2008... We had no place to stay, no plan but we had our bikes! We fell, head over heels. It was a great experience, with great people from all over, it was such an awesome gathering to be a part of. Even before this I had seen the Bassman 346 bike, but when I saw it in action at F.B.I 2008 I decided that I had to make my first serious build with a Basman.

Instantly I knew I needed 100 mm rims and monster Duro 4 1/4 tires. It was mainly the rounded shape along the back-wheel that inspired me to follow that line and to let it continue into a seat. The paint-job,the pin-striping and the wooden-parts were ideas that formed during thecreative process and of course some pieces I came up with were the results of running into problems. 

I was fashionably late and got everything together in the last minute. When we arrived to Amsterdam I got alot of positive respond to my Basman, but I never even imagined to win 2nd place in the COTY and to win in TT class. Also, I never thought my bike would roll through both night- and beachcruise, but it did! I'm truly grateful and most of all it has inspired me to continue building more beautiful bikes.

By the way, for next year I'm building a firebike.. "

Photo: Jacob on his price winning Basman at start of Sunday dragrace, as this Basman went the full distance.....where after a night of  celebrations Jacob was eliminated by Johan from JB can't win 'm all
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