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FBI PART VII program 2008

"All cruisers are equal, but some cruisers are more equal than others"


De FBI voor beachcruisers, choppers en lowriders vanuit geheel Nederland en de rest van de Galaxy. De FBI heeft in de loop der jaren een flink aantal cruises georganiseerd voor de echte liefhebbers van custom chopper en cruiser fietsen. Het jaarlijkse terugkerende main event is de FBI, ook bekend als de Choppernation, eind juli in Amsterdam. En meerdaagse meeting met oa. een onvervalste long distance nightcruise, partycruise, dragracing en de COTY, de cruiser verkiezing van jaar.


The FBI for cruiser, choppers and lowriders in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the Galaxy. The FBI organised various cruises over the last years for the real custom chopper and cruiser bicycle enthusiast. The annual main event is the FBI aka The Choppernation. Always the last weekend of july with the original Partycruise, FBI Dragracing, the COTY and longdistance nightcruise.




"The Chopper Heroes"


Wednesday 23th july 2008


The Cruise wars continue. The Chopaderos survived the attacks last year and with new members the army is growing. Get ready for the watergun shoot out as the Chopaderos team up with the CIA for yet another victory. The Chopperdome will be open for registration from 12:00 till 17:00


Meetingpoint for cruise wars: The Chopperdome
Time: 20:00



Thursday 24th july 2008


The FBI gets really going with the Nightcruise, let the FBI guide you through the night . A 50 km cruise with four bar stops. The Chopperdome will be open for registration and goodies bag from 12:00 till 17:00

Meetingpoint for nightcruise: The Chopperdome

ETD: 19:00
ETA: 04:00



Friday 25th july 2008


Meet and greet the riders and builders of this years FBI at the Chopperdome Friday afternoon.  Dragrace speed tests known as the Dragrace qualification runs at the Chopperdome dragstrip. Set the fastest time and become this years first champ of the weekend. The Chopperdome will be open from 12:00 till 17:00 for registration. Alley Cat race to "Het Westerpark" starts at 20.30
Finish at " Het Westergas Terras" what will be the location for rest of the weekend. The Choppernation Olympic Heptathlon, the finals of the first FBI BBO,  starts at 22:00 on the square in front of the terras.

Meet and Greet: The Chopperdome, 12:00-17:00

Alley Cat Meetingpoint: The Chopperdome, 20:00, race starts at 20:30
Choppernation Olympic Heptathlon: Westergasterras, 22:00



Saturday 26th july 2008


The COTY, Partycruise and IMBA minibike racing. The FBI at it's best, a full day of bikes, bikes and more bikes. More information about the COTY and IMBA see the special COTY and IMBA pages.


COTY: Het Westergas Terras, 11:00-18.00
IBMA minbike race elimination race: 15:00

Partycruise: 20:00

IBMA minibike finals: 23:00



Sunday 27th july 2008


The COTY finals and FBI dragracing. And for the Die Hards the famous after cruise, full speed canal cruise.


COTY: Het Westergas Terras, 12:00-17:00
FBI Dragrace: 15:00

After cruise: 21:00





For those living in Amsterdam or nearby finding a place to sleep will be no problem, but for those of you who need a spot we have some suggestions.


The campground "Het Vliegenbos" has seen a bigger group of FBI agents using their facilities every year. This campground is in the north part of Amsterdam, but with the ferry the centre of the DAM is close by. Cabins available, but be sure to book in time. Campground Zeeburg, is another option. Bit further away from the centre, but unique atmosphere. For those who wanna stay in a hotel there are various options.  Last year some groups rented houseboats for the week, an option to look into if you want something different. Search the various booking sites for best prices or deals. Be sure to arrange storage in the hotel for your bike when you make a booking.




The Westerpark Amsterdam

For annual crusaders...FBI 2008 will be at the spot in the park as last year. "Het westergasterras" will be the place to be friday afternoon till sunday.  


The Chopperdome Amsterdam

Wednesday till friday afternoon all events start at the Chopperdome.





For new agents, the way to get to the FBI 2008. As you can see on the map Amsterdam is build round the old centre. Getting lost trying to find your way through the centre with canals and narrow streets is easy so we marked some routes to the FBI for you. For Google Earth freaks the park is located 52°23'13.14" N 4°52'19.47" E


From Central station head west over the "Haarlemmerdijk" to the "Haarlemmerpoort", just behind this old gate of the citywall you can enter the "Westerpark".  If you arrive at station Sloterdijk near exit S103, ask directions to "Westerpark" or Admiraal de Ruyterweg. From the Chopperdome to the park is just a few minutes.


Brouwerij ’t IJ 2005. Foto Edwin van Eis.

If you stay at the "Vliegenbos" campground in the North part use the ferry to get to Central station and follow directions from there. Near exit S114 Camping Zeeburg on the east side of town, approx. 35 min by bike to the FBI. The Zeeburgerdijk will lead you into town. Turn right at the end past the "Brewery 't IJ" located next to the mill. Or have a beer as this is one you should have tryed once. From there direction central station along the water.



By air, use the train running from the airport to Central station and follow directions from there. For the more experienced crusader, assemble bike at airport and follow directions Amsterdam. Should take you about an hour to get to Amsterdam by bike from the airport.


For those coming on the bike to Amsterdam we advice to have a good look on one of the various routeplanners and see where you enter Amsterdam or cross the ring A10.


If coming by car. Use exit S103 or S104 on the A 10 ring Amsterdam and follow direction centre. Best to park your car and buy a dayticket just before you enter "stadsdeel Westerpark" as this is cheaper and cruise into the park.