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30 juni 2008 - Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- Reservations made for the FBI COTY 2008 so far. We have room for about 30 bikes in the inside show area.
31 december 2007 -

In da old dayz known as "Bikes behind the dikes" or Cruiser Election of the Year. Now just COTY. The COTY is organised and authorized by the FBI. COTY 2008 will be just like last year during the FBI. Enjoy the appreciation by other crusaders and custom builders and enter this years competion for the most prestigues price in the Custom chopper and cruiser bicycle galaxy. The COTY 2008. Saturday july 26th and finals sunday the 27th 2008. Voting, along with your entry ticket and registration for this years FBI you will get a votingsheet for the COTY to be filled out saturday or sunday, and handed in latest sunday at 15.30 at the desk.


"COTY 2008" The Showdown
WHEN: Saturday 26th july 2007
VOTING: 12.00-18.00


"COTY 2008" The Finals
WHEN: Sunday 27th july 2007
VOTING: 12.00-15.30

5 augustus 2008 - Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- Northside Cycles was present at the FBI...The French showed some great bikes. Davy with Salt Flats took second place.
31 juli 2008 -

Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- The Final COTY scores.

Bike # Name Bike Class Country Points Overall
01. Ari Sinkkonen Plan 9 CC SF 611 01
39. Davy Salt Flats CC FR 584 02
31. Chris Mr Hot CC CH 578 03
44. Marcus Basdriver TT DE 544 04
34. Joe Kool God of War FF FR 395 05
07. Guy "ECKustomZ"  Fallen Angel  FF  BE 385 06
30. Johan Manta DD NL 358 07
42. Tanu Sinkonen El Dorado CC SF 337 08
70. Beat Eisenherz CC CH 303 09
06. Kristof Mertens  Pro-Rider RR BE  236 10
33. Basman  Namaste CC NL 225 11
27. Steve lellouche  Gravity Tracker CC FR 215 12
26. Rockx Tinkerbells Tango. CC NL 214 13
09. Reno  Felt Racer  TT NL 164 14
08. Jaco de Jong  Dyno Roadster  RR NL 152 15
12.  Jaka Mihelic  Katabrank 07 CC SL 152 16
23.  Shure  Viking TT RU  147 17
41. Ville Mikkonen Orcinus Orca CC SF 145 18
16.  Marlon Voorn Dark Night CC NL 119 19
55. Benoit van Laethem NN CC FR 115 20
05. Sebastian B. HardCore Chopper CC FR 103 21
65. Hitchcocks Stinger CC DE 98 22
68. Laakso Barfly CC SF 98 23
04. Ricardo Duykers Mooneyes Jakz FF NL 97 24
14.  Willy Smedinga MK4 CC NL 90 25
19. Ingrid Klein Poelhuis Hello Kitty  RR NL 85 26
45. JB extra Foul Ron RR NL 84 27
71. Jaka Mihelic KB 06 CC SL 77 28
35. Rein Hazelet Freestyler TT NL 68 29
69. Hitchcocks Skeleto TT DE 67 30
37. Sarah Pink Morph CC SC 53 31
59. Rennie Happy Wednesday CC CA 50 32
28. Marnix BlackJack TT BE 49 33
22. Danzel Funcke Lowrider proces LL NL 47 34
64. Mario Stinger TT DE 47 35
02. Patricia de Vos Rodeo Drive DD NL 45 36
32. Ross The Blacksmith CC SC 43 37
11. Nick Henzen Obana  CC  NL 36 38
38. Ben Lukkie Ralito BB NL 36 39
40. YG 3 Mothership RR SF 34 40
36. Oduvan Greenkustom CC RU  26 41
67. Iwan Mi vida loca RR NL 24 42
61. Michael Baron TT RU 23 43
66. Jacob Pandabike TT DK 11 44
03. Chris de Vos Wet Dream BB NL 11 45
62. Paul Hoekstra 3G TT NL 10 46
29 juli 2008 - Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- The COTY 2008 final scores. Congratulations to Ari Sinkkonen and all others.

COTY 2008 winner: Plan 9, Ari Sinkkonen, Finland. CC Class
16 juli 2008 -

Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- Seen at the Joutsa show.....will the bike show at the FBI? Finland has some entries at the COTY, are the Finnish up for the crown or are the French ready for a take over.

14 juli 2008 -

Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- Slowly moving towards good weather and fun. As we read on the forums some can't hardly wait , we have some suggestions: on the 19th the V Corps, Veendendaal eo. organizes  "Tha who's your pimp dadday cruise part VI" , to get in the mood. For those in Germany "Beachcruise Festival Baldeneysee".

We heard the SIC has landed and after a short stop in Dublin now on his way to Barcelona, before invading Germany next weekend and do the SIC thing in Essen. 

The preparations for this year's FBI are well on the way and the COTY prizepool is filling up. Brain contributed a custom springer kit and The Chopperdome will trough in some prizes. Felt and Nirve contributed a cruiser, and Project 346 a set of protoype the spade pedals. (Pedals will be available at your local cruisershop later this year)
Over a hundred have already pre registered, we will number some more spokecards

12 juli 2008 - Boxtel B (Wazzup)- Bijna klaar om de weg naar de DAM te aanvaarden, volg de laatste fase van JB's trike op JB Special.
22 juni 2008 - Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- Last year the discussion about a Bicycle Build Off during the FBI came to an end with the intention to do something...the discussion started again on Chopperbicycle.net, shame it's dead due to spammers and lack of interest by administrator(s)...and so there will be a FBI BBO, "Le Klomp d'Or".

Wednesday till Friday three teams will have to build a single speed bicycle and  as big final take part in the Chopper Olympics Heptathlon Friday evening. The theme of this BBO is Dutch functionality and games, short for the bikes will have to transport various objects during a competion in seven small competions.

Teams taking part: Netherlands, teamcaptain Basman 33, Canada, teamcaptain Brain and Spain with capo Make.

Of course the looks of the bike are important so the first stage is election of best bike of this build off, the teams can score major points with this leg. Warming up...the contestants will during the second stage of the games as they will have to drop some Jenever before going to the finish line. Only drinking ain't fun so the the 3rd event will be the FBI variation of the classic dutch game: koekhappen. Now that the teams are powered up it's time to start moving stuff, but first some pick up's...stage 4: Jousting event, get the buckets needed in stage 6; The water bucket race. Stage 5 will be an egg race, no egg no glory. The final of the COH will see the teams doing their final transport and bringing back the troops, one rider has to carry/bring on the bike the other two members to the end zone, one at the time....

Who will win "Le Klomp d'Or" ?
28 april 2008 - Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- Één van die welkome aanvullingen op de COTY van dit jaar, de RR klasse. De Roadster, voor velen het begin van een hobby. Vandaar ook deze klasse als extra homage aan dit oermodel, basis en inspiratie voor vele custom bikes. Er staan reeds een paar ingescgreven in de RR klasse, en we krijgen foto's toegestuurd van wat ons te wachten staat...de Roadster klasse een must win once category.

Photo: Roadster Pro Rider-Kristof Mertens
28 april 2008 -

Amsterdam (Wazzup)-  Always good to see the latest....hope to see the first Slovakian bike at this years FBI.

19 april 2008 - \Amsterdam (Wazzup)- Officieël toegevoegd aan de COTY de BB: Burrito class en RR class voor Roadsters-Limo's.

Deze mooi klassieke Nederlandse Burrito, die we tegen kwamen op Hyves, zag enige tijd geleden het daglicht, maar we weten dat er meer gebouwd wordt in deze stijl.

More COTY news

The COTY will be in the same building as last year only we moved to groundlevel in the bar, renovations are done now. This area has a bar made out of old boat, an even better background to put the bikes. There will be space for about 30 bikes in the inside showarea. Bikes partcipating in the COTY will have to be in the COTY area, in- or outside both Saturday and Sunday, but as it's groundlevel it will be easy for you to take part in Saturday evenings Partycruise or FBI Dragrace. There will be an outside area for those bikes not registered on forehand. So if you want to reserve a place for this years COTY act now and contact the FBI HQ.

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