4 augustus 2007 -

Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- The King is dead long live the new king. Staying in the scedule after his minimal defeat in the first round leg to Nicolay on the lucky looser wildcard, Sacha (NL) then hammered his way into the final beating Manuel (Ger).

2 augustus 2007 -

Amsterdam (Wazzup)- Still waiting for the official dopingtests results ....

21 juli 2007 -

Amsterdam (Wazzup)- With just a few days to go, it's time to get back in history and have a look at the 2004 dragrace, one of those years the French didn't make it to the final. Drugs are aloud, no UCI and anti doping brigades at the FBI, so what happened that year? Now, the defending champion arrived fashionably late, having to race the saturday champ Tyn, warmed up and hungry for a crown. A lesson learned the French returned in 2005 to make it into the finals again and claiming the medals in 2006. Who will beat the French? Who will be the fifth dragrace king?


Photo: Classic moment in FBI dragracing, defending FBI dragrace king and worldranking #1 Raph beaten during the FBI dragrace 2004

4 juli 2007 -



(FBI HQ)- Deelname aan de FBI part VI is natuurlijk de verantwoordelijkheid van de deelnemer. Kleine kinderen meeslepen is dan ook je eigen keus, hou ze in iedergeval aan de hand tijdens de COTY. Er is geen kinderopvang.
23 juni 2007 -

Amsterdam (Wazzup)- The Canadian Pixie bike toss champ returned home, feeling strong after adding another title to it's name. Ready for another challenge. Yes, the Chopperdome racing Team will enter the mini bike race at the FBI, be afraid, be very afraid, as this team has build up a lot of confidence handling pixie bikes.

20 juni 2007 -

Wasaga (FBI HQ)- Back from Wasaga with the latest in FBI dragrace technology, the Hot Wheels speed meter. At the open Canadian dragrace championships Boris, aka the posterboy, took the crown, awsome.

The champ if coming to the FBI this year would have had a "seated" position in scedule. These will be taken by Michelle (CAN- Six Pack Racing) aka Bokma and Scott who was eliminated by Garrick in the semi finals. Garrick came in second after Boris, just before Sam from Firebikes crossed the line on the new Morgitition Fluid in the Wagasa Dragrace 2007 "foursome" final.

Highest speed: 33+ Km/h in qualification runs.

19 juni 2007 -

Groningen (Cybicle)- High tension at first test start.

High tension at the first start

Groningen (Cybicle)- The Cybicle Mini-team (no this not about genitals), has finished their first training-weekend. After a lot of of tweaking and testing, the CMT has got lots of confidance for this coming FBI-mini race. Be afraid... be very afraid.......!!

7 juni 2007 -

Boxtel (Wazzup)- Er zijn geruchten dat er tijdens de Ride of the South al sprake van zijn van Mini Bike tussenklassementen, maar één ding is duidelijk, de zaterdagavond tijdens de FBI wordt een waar race spectakel.

Photo: JB Special ready for the FBI ?

31 mei 2007 -

Program and rules

Photo: Marnix (B) and Simon (UK) in their race at the FBI 2006.

21 april 2007 -

Amsterdam (Wazzup)- Kijk nu wordt het leuk..



Dat de FBI dragrace er in de komende jaren een electrische Top Fuel klasse bij krijgt lijkt bijna niet te vermijden.

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