29 december 2010 - Amsterdam (Wazzup)- Now live !!!!
Wanna be the directors cut and the making of the trailer of the Fixie rider.
Thanks UFO and Jaco 
15 december 2010 - Amsterdam (Cruise council)- THIS WEEKEND !!!!!!  Wanna be in the DAM ....the winter nightcruise !!

28 november 2010 -

Den Haag (Wazzup)- The Last DHC cruise was great success. Various clubs joined the DHC on their last of 2010. Read more and check the movie by Jaco.

9 november 2010 - Amsterdam (Wazzup)- The 4th Chopper Dayin Annecy was a big success. With report in Kustom #22.
Merci a Herve.
11 oktober 2010 - Haarlem (Wazzup)- Zonovergoten, strak blauwe lucht, bokbier en goed gezelschap. Perfecte ingrediënten voor een cruise. De bokbier tocht in Haarlem is wel iets veranderd in de jaren. Na problemen in voorgaande jaren met dronken valpartijen met de fiets wordt er tegenwoordig een wandeltocht uitgezet door de organiserende cafe's...hier doen we dus niet aan mee :)  en vervolgen zoals een outlow club betaamd op de fiets.
4 oktober 2010 -

Mockba (Wazzup)- Always last minute is the deal...and sometimes things almost go wrong. Visiting the KGB meeting in Moscow had me faced with some problems to tackle. Buying a ticket wasn't that difficult, and with the price more then reasonable, what do you do at 10 in the evening when you find the ticket, you book and forget about the rest for some hours till you realize the next day you need a visa.

Getting the visa in time, with two weeks left before departure wasn't as easy as buying fruit in Moscow I learned later. The Russian consul in Holland couldn't help, but with a little help from a visa office and patience I got the Visa. Their bill was in time and so was the visa. Waiting for me at the desk on the airport. Great this way you can't forget your pasport :)

15 september 2010 - Amsterdam (Wazzup)- De komende maanden zijn er nog een aantal mooie cruise opties...we hebben er een aantal op een rijtje gezet.
12 september 2010 -
28 augustus 2010 - New York (Wazzup)- When Nic announced his 2010 event at the FBI in 2007 just a few believed it actually would happen. So when last spring the final dates were set it was time to get ready for the first miles of a Basman on Broadway. The NY 2010 weekend was opened with a meet and greet at Local Cycles on Friday, New York's custom bikeshop run by Nic. Nic opened the doors of his shop in november 2008. The meet and greet was the start of the first cruise of NY 2010...Cruisin & Boozin 2010, a 13 bar hop cruise on long island. Happy were those who did the friday night ride that the saturdays cruise didn't start too early.

Saturday the bikes were loaded in the back of a U Haul truck for transport downtown. Once the group arrived at Jamaica station the truck with bikes followed quickly, a big hand to organisation and those who helped out for the well planned transport. Some more joined the group, Big Ballers Bike club and others. And then the fun began...cruisin" our way to the Rumblers car show.

If you expected the show to be around the block....wrong dude, with 45 km at the end of the day on the clock some serious cruisin' was done...you better not have sat done on the saddle. On the way some block parties along the route provided sound aslong as the metro was not coming overhead. And then the group arrived at the Car show for a late afternoon beer and smoke.Smoke mostly by them cars...till the police force moved in and stopped the racing.
9 augustus 2010 - Moscow (FBI HQ)- Rastabike back home in Moscow.

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