18 december 2011 -

The 12 bars movement goes worldwide with cruises in Toronto, Amsterdam, Turku, Melbourne (FL) and Carlsbad.


Bar 1 Cafe Kooper, Bar 3 Anno 1890, Bar 4 Gambrinus, Bar 5 Cafe Heuvel, Bar 6 Excalibur, Bar 7/8 Cuba and Cotton Club, Bar 9 Kashmir Lounge, Bar 10 Cafe Thys and Bar 11 't Lommetje. The twelve bars ended at bar 1 (no picture) Cafe Kooper.
PIcture gallery DAM bars by Hickone.

23 november 2011 -

Lelystad (Wazzup)- As another edition of Serious Request is starting to warm up, I was playing with this idea. Thinking about what could be a good way to collect some money, for the goal that 3fm Radio and the Red Cross have set this year. This is what I came up with.
Outsiders, people who are not familiar with custom bicycles, useally respond very positive when seeing a custom build or cruiser. And if you let them, they will ask you if they can sit on it, perhaps take it for a short drive...Well now is their chance!

On the last day of the Serious Request week, you can pick a custom you like, sit on it and have your picture taken for a little donation (and a nice memorie of that day).

Event info:

Serious Request 2011
De Beestenmarkt
Leiden, The Netherlands
Start: at noon (12:00 hrs)

Keytown Cruisers are supporting this event, because Leiden is their hometown and they also believe this a great way to collect some money! Since Saturday is the last day, the event will end with the announcement of the total that is donated all week. After that there will be a great show with various artists performing, so it will be a good time!

We hope to see a lot of cruisers out there!!!

Official Serious Request 2011 Site

Facebook Event

30 augustus 2011 - Hamburg (Wazzup)- The FBI 2011 photoshoot by Jahpix. 
14 augustus 2011 - Veenendaal (Wazzup)- New short movie about the Born to cruise 2011.
4 augustus 2011 - Amsterdam (Wazzup)- In 2006 the Canadian six pack made their first appearance at the FBI and some became regulars at the FBI. Bokma and Scott "419" made this year into a real holiday with a visit to Paris for a nightcruise and running into the finish of the Tour de France, before doing the Born to cruise and enjoying Amsterdam in the weekend at their rented houseboat.
3 augustus 2011 - Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- Loads of pictures have been uploaded so far...we gathered the links as much as possible and made a day by day posting on Facebook. Feel  free to add links to your FBI 2011 photopages or videos.
2 augustus 2011 - Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- Were the days before the start filled with rain as soon as the Born to cruise started on tuesday the rain was gone. Tuesday was still clouded, but a sunburn was possible for those not into sunblock as some experienced. The route took the 80+ on this first day from Amsterdam to Bodegraven, with at the second stop some delicious smoked eel at the smokehouse of Dirk en Anneke Eveleens and an American Bitter at Brewery "De Molen" at the last stop. The hotel was so kind to have a room to lock the bikes inside ... cruisin" in the hotel lobby. Pictures day 1

Day 2, Bodegraven-Amersfoort started with a breakfast at the hotel for those staying on the nearby campsite. The route followed the "Oude Rijn" to Woerden where we came accross one of the best Basman e bikes ever seen. From there on to Utrecht for a stop downtown leaving the rivers, dikes and polders from the first day and morning of the second day behind us. Through the forrest and over the sand dunes we found our way to Amersfoort for another beer at the Born to cruise taste of beer experience. When the brewery "De 3 Ringen" closed his doors the night was still young  ..... something that couldn't be said about some the next morning after a booze filled evening and night in picturesque downtown Amersfoort.

2 augustus 2011 - Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- The Partycruise 2011 was maybe a little different to previous editions and not along the route as we planned. The part along the canals was skipped to avoid crossing other traffic. After an accident caused by a impatiant and intolarant cardriver when Marjet blocked traffic on the last day of the Born to cruise we decided not to stop traffic on saturday and do a carousel style cruise ending at Cafe Knaak.
20 juli 2011 - Sacramento (Sacramento press)- About 300 original, custom and vintage bicycle frames and wheels of different sizes could be seen displayed around Fremont Park Sunday afternoon for the Sacramento Cyclefest Bicycle Show 2011. There were 12 categories for judging and 125 bicycles were entered for the chance to win a handmade steel trophy.

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