31 december 2001 -

Amsterdam (The Chopperdome)- Starting the new year of with some rest and reconstruction at the shop. This means we are not open on our regular business hours, but if you want to drop by give us a call and we will make an appointment.

27 december 2001 -

New York (BikeRod & Kustom)- It's probably our most fabulous issue of BR&K yet. We have an exclusive interview with George Barris, "King Of The Kustomizers". Most people don't know about it, but Mr. Barris designed an entire line of wild muscle bikes for the Iverson division of Stelber Industries, a fairly obscure NYC-based bike company, in the '60s and early '70s. We also have an entire gallery of photos of his prototypes for the line, two full pages of Barris / Iverson literature, consisting of catalog pages, ads, etc. As a special treat, we have a magazine article Mr. Barris wrote for a now-defunct cycling magazine, back in the day. Titled "My Philosophy On Bicycle Customizing", it is a fascinating document on the state of the art of bike kustomizing, circa 1968. As usual, we have a flock of new bikes entering the BR&K Gallery, including James Baker's incredible Harley-Hog-style kustom Dyno Roadster, and some of the tastiest Vintage-style Southern California Choppers we've ever seen. We also have an exhaustive multi-part article on fitting bikes with extremely kool-looking rechargeable lighting systems powerful enough to fry fish. We're also revealing the first renderings of our planned Rocket-Propelled KustomBike. This is in addition to our usual pile of new stuff in the regular departments. We predict that you'll be browsing this issue until the year 2002. Enjoy!


25 december 2001 -

Moscow (PHAT Russia)- Phat cycles in Russia.
Rastabike Moscow will give the Russians the ride of their life. Now see their amazing website with a lot a cool pics. Specially check out the video. Images taken from the PHAT promo video.

21 december 2001 -

Rotterdam (Fickser)- Afgelopen week te zien geweest in Urbania, Robo Spitters, fietskoerier, muzikant, tatoeagekunstenaar en wat al niet meer. Vanuit zijn Urban Delights studio komt de lounge dance met triphop invloeden van Cosmic clan.
Je vakantie in pocketformaat.
Nu verkrijgbaar in the Chopperdome voor € 9.99

21 december 2001 -

Amsterdam (Fickser)- Now availible at the Chopperdome .......  Pumpin`cars and lowrider scale models. This is the real serious shit. And also for your Lowrider Magazine.

20 december 2001 -

Amsterdam (Fickser)- Nu ook Schwinn, het klassieke cruisermerk bij uitstek. Vele lowriders en cruisers bouwers zijn door dit merk beinvloed. Het absolute topstuk uit de cruiserlijn "The Phantom" is verkrijgbaar in The Chopperdome. Ook hebben we oa de SS en Heavy Duty. Kijk bij Schwinn in de catalogus. Nu verkrijgbaar in the Chopperdome vanaf € 299.00

17 december 2001 -

WWW (Zooass)- Here you'll find all of our stupid games that are sure to delight you for countless hours.
So stop whatever you're doing and play on... especially if you're at work! If you're going to waste your day away sitting in a cubicle like a human veal you might as well have some fun!
Speciaal voor de Kerstdagen is er nu Psycho Santa.

6 december 2001 -

Amsterdam (Fickser)- Na Sinterklaas nu de rest van de maand December X-Mas Choppin` at The Chopperdome, diverse modellen met kortingen van 10-15 %. Tot de invoering van de Euro de mogelijkheid om toch nog iets fijns te doen met de gulden. Zo hebben we nu oa. de Coach deLux van 1410,- voor 1260,- gulden of de First Class van 2645,- voor 2340,-. Voor de echte spaarder en bewuste besteder van de 13e maand is er nu ook nog de PHAT Linkage te bestellen (korte levertijd), nog enkele modellen zijn leverbaar van deze unieke eerste serie gesigneerde Linkage Choppers. In Python Skin en Black Mamba. 3299,- gulden.

1 december 2001 -

Amsterdam (Fickser)- Verzameld nieuws over Schwinn cycles in de laatste maanden. Het is de laatste tijd niet goed gegaan met het roemruchte merk van voorheen. Schwinn/GT Amerika is failliet en dus ook Dyno, maar overgenomen door Pacific. Schwinn bestaat uit meerdere divisies wat dit voor het voortbestaan van deze divisies betekent is nu nog onduidelijk.

Pacific Meets Schwinn/GT Dealers At Interbike
October 5, 2001

LAS VEGAS, NV (Bicycle Retailer Editorial Staff)—Chris Hornung, Pacific Cycles's chief executive officer, and Byron Smith, the company's president, met with Schwinn/GT dealers throughout the Interbike Expo, to outline their plan for the two brands. They said Pacific will take both brands into the mass market next fall, but they intend to stick with specialty bike retailers, too. "Next fall would be the earliest time for introducing Schwinn and GT into the mass market, but that doesn't mean that we will be bringing them into that channel at that time. Many of Schwinn's current dealers have years invested in the brand and we will be going forward with their input. More than 40 percent of all bicycle dollars are still spent within that channel and we want to do business there," Hornung said. Pacific will honor Schwinn and GT warrantees, but a plan has yet to be put into place. The company also will reposition the Schwinn and GT lines, focusing on the sub-$500 retail price range. Plans also are in place to will revive Schwinn/GT-owned brands such as Auburn, Dyno, Powerlite and Syncros. And Pacific plans to have fewer dealers, some of whom executives said they expect will walk away from the Schwinn and GT. "We will reduce the number of dealers. We will have less than the 3,000 Schwinn/GT had a year or so ago, but we will work with both large and small shops," Smith said.

Schwinn, GT deal closed
September 24, 2001

BOULDER, CO (Bicycle Retailer Editorial Staff)—Pacific Cycle and Direct Fitness closed their joint $151 million deal to purchase all the assets of Schwinn/GT Cycling and Fitness on Friday. Schwinn Fitness will remain in Boulder for the near future. Pacific's first change at Schwinn and GT is the elimination of the parts and accessories business. And although 2002 models are pretty much as Schwinn/GT's current product managers spec'd them, Pacific in the future hopes to focus on fewer models, mostly retailing for less than $500.

GT Continues With Product Development
July 23, 2001

SANTA ANA, CA (Bicycle Retailer Editorial Staff)—While the fate of Schwinn/GT is still unclear, it's employees are preparing for the best, hoping that the company will continue supplying bikes to independent retailers. GT's product designers unveiled its 2002 line in Japan and Europe last week and showed pre-production samples to Bicycle Retailer & Industry News. With the bikes already designed, GT's product team is waiting for the new owner to give them the go-ahead on the 2002 line. They also said they could have bikes to retailers by the holidaysówith a lead-time of some 60 days, juvenile and BMX bikes could be available by November. Lead times on adult bikes are longer. The company has significantly reduced the number of SKU's for the 2002 GT line. The adult line will have four categoriesóadventure, comfort, trails and race. The trails line includes a new 6-inch travel I-Drive with a downhill-inspired 150-millimeter spacing rear hub. Schwinn/GT likely will be sold at the end of August or beginning of September. While Huffy put in a $60 million bid, another buyer could make a higher offer.

26 november 2001 -

Amsterdam (Fickser)-Een overzicht van alle cruiser en chopper modellen die we het afgelopen jaar zijn tegengekomen op beursen en het internet. Over een aantal hebben we al eerder bericht. Zo waren er al eerder kleine besprekingen over cruisers van Felt en Illmatic. Zie voor eerdere berichten ons archief. De cruiser van Illmatic is ondertussen opgenomen in onze collectie. Voor meer over Illmatic zie onze catalogus.

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