FBI part 3

30 juli 2004 -

Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- Some rain on Sunday...but still some who wheren't there the saturday made it to the playing grounds in the Westerpark.

25 juli 2004 -

Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- Sunshine....and 80 bikes showing this Saturday. Exciting bikes...custum builds and the real "UK" style. The saturday dragseries (no photo's yet) was serious bizz with 28 riders competing for 3 final places for the big final on Sunday. Armin from Bonanzaboys, Germany took after a fast race in the class B saturday final, against Bert a place leading to the Dragfinals.

In class D Bob lost unlucky to Johan from Boxtel and Max from the UK powered his way into the sunday finals in the C class. With last years DragKing Raph from Paris arriving late and the first places for the finals taken there will be some serious action in the sunday series aswell....
With over 60 bikes at the evening cruise going around Amsterdam and straight through the centre without any problems we can say this has been one of the best cruises ever. The cruise ended at the park with an open air showing of "Easy Rider" presented by "Het Ketelhuis".
03:02 AM 25 july 2004

24 juli 2004 -



Amsterdam (FBI HQ)- Just a few days to go and the weather is slowly getting better...Friday is said to be a real summer day, 30º C. Saturday and Sunday...sunny, nice tempature and no rain expected. So time to party...

(FBI HQ)- Back at the Dome...after the first cruise of this weekend. Best bike so far a red roadster style bike..the ninja bomb. Pro alley cat was won by Thomas, homepro, but non fixie, first fixie was the Master of Disaster, but the show was going around town...to the Westerpark. More shownews and pics later....
01:43 AM 24 july 2004